December 2012 Style

Fashion Flashback
My outfit on the last two weeks (Friday, 14th December 2012)
I went  for convection shopping & unexpectedly found some clothes too!
Fashion Formula:
Baby blue stripey shirt + Thrifted sheer cardigan + Debenhams scarf (given from aunt) + Muji boyfriend jeans + Brown belt + Acehnese bag + Vincci oxfords
I got some shiny things for my next D.I.Y project!
Things above are my finds from Kings Shopping Centre. From left to right: Apparently it's not Dian Pelangi shirt. I've been look forward to this kind of tie dye shirt but I haven't found it yet. But I think this one I got from one shop has a nice fabric and I like the colour palette. Next is yellow v-neck cardigan. The fabric is quite light, and it's not too warm which fits to be worn in tropical country like Indonesia. And my third find is the fuchsia-coloured skirt. The zippers detail on the waist is also quite unique.   

Thread by Thread

Our bracelets picture when we were at Dreamland Beach, Bali.
I've always wanted my friendship bracelet which  was bought at Uluwatu, Bali be back. It was the 'same stuff' I had with some of my close friends at high school. We went to Bali on the 10th grade/2nd year in high school to join a study comprehension from school. I love the pattern and its colour the most. The picture on the left is my friend's, Chindy when we were in high school wearing batik uniform on Thursday. She's so neat, so she still keeps it. I wonder where's mine.. I remembered that I lost it somewhere in my bedroom. But I can't find it yet until now. Recently, I just realized that we can make our own friendship bracelet by our own selves!

It was all started on 6th November 2012 when I went to a traditional market after sunset accompanying my mom to buy some fruits nearby my house. I was randomly felt like making a friendship bracelet after seeing a stack of embroidery floss in one shop. I bought 4 colours of embroidery floss, because those were the only available colours there. And then, I tried to make one using the pattern I found here: Friendship Bracelets. My first attempt was tried making the bracelet with 4 colours, 8 strings. As a beginner, at first I was baffled a lot. But the longer it took, I enjoyed it! I felt this activity could practice some patience and persistence. (pic)

Hat x Scarf

on Oscar De La Renta Fall 2011 ready-to-wear

(image source)

Yay or Nay? - Hat x Scarf free polls 

Style Arabia

Going Global - Yes. as we have seen right now, the islamic fashion nowadays have been evolving rapidly throughout the years. The good news is: first, as the muslim society all over the world, we can prune the negative issues about this religion bit by bit. From this 'cultural diplomacy' through fashion, we can show this religion to the world more 'opened'. Fashion is like an easy language that everybody understands. Through these growth of islamic fashion, hopefully people are interested to know deeper about this beautiful religion. 

Secondly, I feel there a lot more muslimah are increasing in numbers who finally can identify themselves as muslim by the way she dresses. The example I can explain is myself. Though I am finally wearing hijab because of 'a person' who has inspired me, and one of the most interesting things that I am interested into is fashion, I finally can apply more islamic values into my life before I wore hijab. Alhamdulillāh for the good things which are coming after I wore hijab. I hope the same things are happening for most of sisters out there too, though I know some sisters are taking it off. But that doesn't mean the hijabbed girls are better than the non-hijabbed. We can't judge people for the one who knows the heart is Allāh only. Just keep making prayers for the last ummah of our prophet, Muhammad. There are fluctuations in life that maybe it's listed in Allāh's plan that can make us better, in shā Allāh. 

Even though fashion is one of the reasons I finally wear hijab (as seen on CMF's Story), and now the way I dress is not syar'i enough, I know that I keep learning and getting more interested to implement the way of the muslim's life. The point that I'm trying to say is that.. by the appearance of sister's site:, hopefully the skeptical images about muslim can slowly be vanished, and slowly most people of the world can embrace the only truth, which is islam.

By the way - I just remembered that yesterday was my blog's birthday! I have planned to post my experience in hijab some weeks ago, but I just forget to make one. in shā Allāh I'd post it as soon as I can.

Which colour of scarf represents you the most?

   Fuchsia got the highest poll!   
if you knew what I meant.

Covered Cover Girls

  1. Vogue Italia cover - December 1968 issue
  2. Vogue Italia cover - December 1969 issue
  3. Vogue Italia cover - December 1970 issue
  4. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1969 issue
  5. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1971 issue
  6. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1971 issue
  7. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1971 issue
When it comes to December, the four seasoned countries have to face the cold, windy winter season. That's why Vogue Italia since way back when have almost presented a covered up model on its cover. The mixture between fashion and faith, as Dian Pelangi has quoted that.. you can only find it in Islam. Though these cover ups don't represent religious  aesthetic, but still.. When it comes to the coverings of head, neck, and most of the woman's body part except face and hands then, it reminds me of the muslimah identity; the hijab. The Italian Vogue has been leading throughout the years for its artful fashion aesthetic. Showing these covered ups look also means that hijab is a high fashion, and a timeless statement too.  

Repost: The Most Merciful

God: My servant, pray night prayer which is 11 raka’ats.

Servant: I’m tired, I can’t

God: My servant, pray 2 rakaat shaf’a prayer and 1 rakaat witr prayer

Servant: God it’s difficult for me to get up in the middle of the night.

God: My servant, pray these 3 rakaats before going to bed.

Servant: 3 rakaats is too much

God: My servant, just pray 1 rakaat witr prayer.

Servant: My God, I’m really tired today, is there any other way?

God: My servant, before sleep go make widu and look towards the sky and say “Ya Allah”

Servant: God, when i’m in bed if I get up I can’t fall asleep anymore.

God: My servant, just while you’re lying down, make tayamum and say “Ya Allah”

Servant: God the weather is really cold. I can’t bring my hands out from under the blanket.

God: My servant, in your heart just say “Ya Allah” and I’ll count that as night prayer for you.

The servant doesn’t pay any heed and goes to bed.

God: My angels look! I was so easy on my servant and he/she is still sleeping. There isn’t much time left until Fajr. Go wake him/her up because I miss them. They haven’t spoken to me.

Angels: God, we woke them up again and they still are asleep.

God: My angels, whisper in his/her ear that your Lord is waiting for you.

Angels: God, they are still not getting up.

God: Recite the morning adhan and tell my servant that your morning prayer will become ghada.

Angels: God why don’t you throw your wrath on them?

God: they don’t have anybody except me. Maybe they will repent …

My servant! When you stand for prayer, I pay so much attention as if I only have one servant on this world … while you stand for prayer, you act as if you have hundreds of god

--- --- --- 
An inspiring post I found on my tumblr dashboard. Masha Allaah.
*heart crying in tears*

One Perfect Weekend

Went for lunch at the TSM (Trans Studio Mall) today with my family! :)
Kak Wina, Zen, Mom, and I
Zen got his hair cut!
another girl crush on Lily Cole on the Body Shop campaign. (before)

Photos by dad:
M is for ... Mila! :D | Doing my take home test for Monday
Fashion Formula:
Gray shirt + Mango cardigan + ♥ Birds ♥ printed scarf from Rumah Mode +  MUJI boyfriend jeans + Nude coloured socks + Montego Bay Club wedges from Payless + Mango bag
Wrist accessories detail

Mom's Outfit Photo:
Love mom's outfit! & surely, we do share clothes 
Hahaha, gotcha! 11:11 pm and 11:11 am -- two days in a row!

Joyful Friday

Today is my last day of third semester in college. The weeks near to exams are always corrupting the spirit to study, I have a hunch. Maybe it's because I'm just too excited to be released from the dense of the assignments. But when the examinations are ended, it feels really good to have the payback. 

Well actually, I was sort of lazy going to attend lectures I had today. But it's worse if I didn't attend lectures just because of my destructive laziness. The feeling of being forced has put me into excitements because everything seems to fall perfectly. I had an amazing last day on Hubungan Internasional Kawasan (Regionalism) lecture. I think my lecturer is the one who is really creative so, everything about this lecture can be packed really interesting. I think the number one of rule of the class he made has been accomplished successfully. That is to: have fun. I personally had fun throughout this lectures though I'm not participated so much during the discussion because I'm a kind of person who is hardly to speak for oneself. My silence has killed me. The 'two cents' my lecturer has showed us on his last presentation says that:
"It is better to 'err' or to be laughed then remembered, than to be silence and forgotten"
 'D' word. That's right. I like how he tried to encourage his students to be more eager without the destructive ways. I hope I can learn how to speak out my mind, and boost my confidence by time. This Regionalism lecture always took full hours like it has been scheduled. But today, the class ended earlier than the scheduled time. And we just sum up everything we have learned throughout the semester, see our grades, and discuss some light stuff. 

When I waited for my next lecture, I got myself some of my favourite fried potatos snack, chatted with some friends while the rain fell. After the rain stopped, I listened to some bossa nova music. It feels really wonderful, the atmosphere I got at that time. And I was also looking forward to my sister; Wina and her super duper cute son; Zen who lives in Jakarta to come to Bandung with my mother too. And my father was also coming from out of town; Palembang. I'm so happy to be gathered with all the family members at the same time. Alhamdulillaah ya Allaah.

Hello, Lucite Newbies!

Thanks a lot to my cousin; kak Magi who bought me these lucite beauties from H&M Malaysia. Since my previous post before, I had a crush on the boots ones but they were too expensive, and for the nude pumps, they weren't available in my size. So, I chose these black pair because it's more neutral compare to the red ones and I believe that black can go no wrong. I can pair these with black socks so it could be like the camouflage of the boots (haha). I am also amazed knowing that the price was lowered down from the actual price. Everything seems so perfect, I just wish this shoes were just bigger a half in size. By encouraging myself about this, I'm quoting Anna Dello Russo's Fashion Shower song:
"Lesson number three: fashion is always uncomfortable; if you feel comfortable.. you'll never get the look."  
LOL! I am not actually that slaving over fashion (um, is that even a phrase). Just making a bit of fun despite my size. That means I will only be able to wear these occasionally, and don't wear them for too long in standing. But no matter what, I adore these beauties.  Thanks a lot kakaaaaaak!  :D

Start Styling!

come and join to create your own styling/creation on my mini editor! 

Fashion Mood Board (end of 2012)

  1. Monochromatic graphic print
  2. Oversized, graphic, comfy t-shirts 
  3. Parisienne chic grunge
  4. Plaid on plaid
  5. Classic portrait of Marilyn Monroe
  6. Rick Owens
  7. Lucite wedges from MMM x H&M
  8. Lucite sunnies
  9. Chunky sweaters + black belt + baggy acid-washed denim + pointy heels
  10. Portrait of Freja Beha Erichsen

Miss Vogue

Wow. I just figured out the existence of Miss Vogue. I don’t exactly know the readers'  age range  for this magazine, but surely it’s more kind of for younger generation—not too young such as teenager—but it's more likely for college girls and up. The concept for these .gif(s) is sort of ‘wow’ to me. I like how its first edition brings up the sense of sneaker on the cover with Bambi (the model) on it. Those are the ‘kicking’ parts for me. I have never been this interested to fashion world since I saw the latest Dries Van Noten collection, and the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection (which is quite a long time ago). Maybe my fond for fashion is decreasing slowly. But, man. When I see this first edition from Miss Vogue, I can be wow-ed again by fashion, though I bet this will just be temporary.

The styling! I enjoy looking at these, though I know I have a bit gone off from the concept of my faith. What I mean by inspired by these is that I got myself stimulated from the idea of this look to create  the looks in different interpretations. I just like the concepts of emphasizing the sneakers, paired up with the unconventional top; such as the breathe-able floral dress, super-flare black skirt, classic blouse, and the last outfit is OHMYGOSH-ly stunning. It’s so clean and crisp. Christine Centenera's stylings definitely got two thumbs up from me.
(images source)

More amazing things on Miss Vogue's site:
Well done, once again Christine Centenera for being the fashion editor of Miss Vogue!