White Birds

A combination of a silky bird prints buttons up, acid washed jeans, black patent leather shoes, and black nylon tote.
Fashion Formula:
Teen4All buttons up + Mango Jeans + Giovanni flatforms + Maysaa cream chiffon scarf snood
♡ Trying on my new raisin rage lipstick from revlon - it looked so much darker in real life ♡

Today's Reminder

Remembrance of Allah is 
certain knowledge of one's belief ('ilm al-iman)
immunity from hypocrisy (baraa'at min al-nifaaq)
a fortress against Shaytan (Husn min al-shaytaan)
and a guarded refuge from the fire (Hirz min al-naar).

(Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam))
source: Alhabib Islamic Widget

M&S Trousers

Four formulas to wear these trousers:
(1) Fashion Formula:
Gingham-patterned buttons up + M&S khaki trousers + Brown ankle socks + Montego Bay Club wedges from Payless + Maysaa scarf snood 
(2) Fashion Formula:
Red tartan buttons up + Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt + M&S khaki trousers + Green converse + Maroon hijab
(3) Fashion Formula:
Warehouse black cardigan + Thrifted blue skirt + M&S khaki trousers + Nude socks + Giovanni flatforms + Maysaa scarf snood
(4) Fashion Formula:
Gray long sleeved shirt + Thrifted 3/4 wrinkled dress (my sister's. hehe) + M&S khaki trousers + Black ankle socks + Zara heels + Brown houndstooth hijab

Red Radiance

Fashion Formula:
Et Cetera buttons up + Burgundy separated sleeves + Burgundy Hijab + Mango acid washed jeans (rolled up) + Mango bag (isn't showed on pictures) + Payless necklace, silver rings, and loafers + Blue ring from Mangga Dua
I had a lovely afternoon walk with my mom after I've finished my Pancasila examination at college today. It was really refreshing though my examination week will be ended on Thursday (but tomorrow is a day off *yay* *breathing*). When she picked me up, in the car I said that I was hungry... and my mom was doing a mind reading to me when I said that I'm totally clueless to be asked where to eat (always). Then she knew that I wanted to eat at pepper lunch though I didn't mention anything about it (creepy). And finally I could eat my favourite menu there which is salmon pepper lunch (but without pepper). Alhamdulillah! We're just like some best friends having their girls time. Thanks for everything mama! ♥ 

Breaking Dawn

Last Thursday (08-12-11) I went to the cinema to watch the film Breaking Dawn with my best friend; Nisa. I'm not into twilight saga so much. But Nisa was so excited to watch it because it's filmed in her favourite town; Vancouver, and she's into films with romance genre. 

We're such an opposite. She was hardly to keep silent while watching it even when the film was just started. And I was like *please calm down*. It's really different when we're watching the animated film; Bolt at the cinema long long time ago. I cried at some parts. And she was like *what the...*. I thought that the storyline is so touching and she's just wondering how could that animated things could be that touching, especially that it's a children's film.

I don't think Breaking Dawn was a good film but we really liked Bella's gown at her wedding and kept discussing about it while it was being showed *neighbor must have been annoyed* *sorry!*, and the garden party wedding settings was SO. EXTREMELY. DREAMY. The film also made us want to have a curtain lamp for our bedrooms and learn to play chess (!) Nice talks we had too about life. That's maybe why we're so inseparable since we were in junior high school.  
Fashion Formula:
Zara black long sleeves + Topshop sleeveless shirt + Marks & Spencer trousers + Zara sling bag + Sox Gallery socks + Giovanni flatforms + Maysaa navy chiffon scarf snood

I Will be Blessed

a continuation from this post.
I will be blessed, I will be blessed.
I will be blessed, I will be blessed.

If the sun
Refused to shine
Down on me
'Till the end of time
As long as i have your caress
Your tenderness
I will be blessed

If the stars
Refused their light
Just for me
They stayed out of sight
If you say you love me best
I won't care less 
I will be blessed

If the wind won't blow your name
Until i'm still
I will
If it's whispered from above
The highest hill
I will

If the moon
Up in the sky
Turned its face
From the lonely eye
I could never be distressed
Or love you less
I will be blessed

Lisa Ekdahl - I Will be Blessed
I knew this song since August, and whenever I listened to it, it brings so much joy ‘til now. It’s the perfect song to complete your happiness or to gain more optimism. Fits for the jazz lovers’ ears.

Repost: Live Healthily á la Rasulullah S.A.W

 1. Wake up before fajr 
 2. Be active maintaining hygine 
 3. Never eat too excessively 
 4. Be fond of walking on foot 
 5. Don't be Grumpy 
 6. Be optimistic and never despair 
 7. Don't be envious 
 8. Forgiving 
So True!
extended informative article in Bahasa Indonesia - here.

Black Lace

Fashion Formula:
Zara long sleeved white shirt + Marks & Spencer lace buttons up + Copper maxi skirt (from Pasarbaru) + Giovanni flatforms
 My current favourite rings: 
Rings (respectively): Minicci from Payless, from the rest are from Mangga Dua

Chilly Bandung

My Bandung has been showing its real identity these days. It could be rainy and breezy at some parts of the days. Some layers would help me to get through the days, since I've caught the cold. Today I'm happy for getting stuff I've been searching for. Which are something dark shaded red (e.g: maroon), something dark shaded green, and flatforms!. And today I've got them (Yay!). And here is a mix I did which suits the weather today.    
Fashion Formula:
Zara long sleeved black shirt + X.S.M.L parka + Maroon maxi skirt (from Pasarbaru) + Maroon cotton jilbab (from Pasarbaru) + Giovanni flatforms (which exactly look like Derek Lam's)

Forever Prada

“To put opposites together is a real obsession for me. When something is matching, I’m desperate.”  
 Miuccia Prada 
The word 'Prada' may lead your thought to the world of high fashion, or maybe a film called 'The Devil Wears Prada' too. This brand has its role to influence the movements in the fashion industry. It has tremendous part too in influencing the love for fashion to myself. It's all started when I bought my first teenvogue 5 years back then with my favourite model ever; Gemma Ward on its cover. And when I saw the image of her on prada's campaign (below), I've been falling for it 'til present time.    

Payless Effect

Fashion Formula:
Unbranded gray shirt + Marks & Spencer cotton vest + thrifted skirt + Montego Bay Club wedges from Payless + Minicci necklace from payless + Minicci rings from payless+ Maysaa scarf snood

- The Accessories -

I Must Have Been Dreaming!


I'm totally dumbstruck with this. My own idol really visited my blog? that would be so -----unimaginable------ I've never reached 2,328 visits in a day (which was on 27 October 2011)! That wouldn't be happening without kak Dian's tweet. When I was being melodramatic, I tried to cover my face with everything I could find in front of me because of the *blushing* moment. But actually, I was smiling behind it:
And this is how anyone would likely to react after saw that picture/read my confession.

 Thankyou so much for kak Dian, 
and everyone who has visited my blog :3 

p.s: my twitter is @vivalamode  @milaanzib 

The Year of Blu

How I wished time could stay still while I'm blogging... I've been away from this activity for many amazing reasons Allah Have Given me these past weeks. Some are college stuff, and the other is because I've got stricken with two illness at the same week, both came on Saturdays. Firstly is the pain I feel on my calves, and then I've gone through appendicitis surgery. All the inconveniences I felt at the first time are replaceable with the cognitions I feel these days. I've been learning, experiencing valuable lessons I couldn't learn either at college or school. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb. I started to realize that these inadvertence (which I'm currently experiencing) are really like 'something', something really wonderful that even human can't engineer. I constantly can't stop thinking about all these amazements about the life I am in right now. But now it's all about how I take, and process all the 'gifts' that have been given to me. Honestly, I'm still  technically disorganized in objectifying things. I'm on my way learning these stuff. So many precious things I haven't figured out which I couldn't say one by one. But the one I truly am touched is by the love of my family, how their attention and affection is endless.

Aaaaand yesterday! I received the package of a dream of my life (ha! sounds exaggerating). Yeah, the wonderful scarves from Maysaa which came in navies and creams were safely arrived to my -(well actually my parent's)-(but actually Allah's)-(none of our belongings are 'actually' ours)- home -(intelligibility, my parent's home). I've been dreaming about this moment all day long since I had ran out of the black version. Thanks a lot to my papa who has ordered them for me. (#nowsinging My heart belongs to daddy - Lisa Ekdahl). Not only the happiness of the cuttings and fabrics that gave me, but also Maysaa's service which I could say: "it's all good".
Yes, I am pleased :)


Sincerity is the SECRET between Allah with His slave. 
Angel Raqib know nothing about it for him to write it down,
satan don't know about it so he can't damage, 
even lust doesn't realize it so it can't influence.

-a book, 'Ikhlas Tanpa Batas' or 'sincerity without limits'

p.s: sorry for the poor translation.

Happy Birthday, MOM!

eid mīlad sa'aīd, Mother! :)
We Have a Beautiful Mother

"We have a beautiful mother

her green lap, immense
her brown embrace, eternal
her blue body, everything we know"

-Alice Walker

The picture of  a much younger version of my mother and I was taken by my father. I was about 4 months old, mom says. I can't say not even a word how much I really love my mother. With her I feel safe, I feel warmed, I feel loved. I want to make her happy and comfortable for I have existed. Thanks, Mom. 

Dad, Me, and Mom
Ya Allah, thanks for the gifts (a.k.a parents) You Gave me.
Allahumma Rabbir Hamhumaa Kama Rabbayaanee Sagheeraa 
Oh my Creator! Have mercy on both of them (my parents) as they have brought me up (with love) from childhood.

University Life

I'm in the transition from high school to university. I confess that those two education worlds are completely different as they are seen in my background. I'm in international relation department and is currently making a critical review for chapter 1 and 2 for the next examination which is going to come sooner than I thought. Even though there are less subjects I learned at college than high school, university is definitely more hectic for me; which involve about deciding outfit too! (I wore uniform since elementary until high school), hehehe. Here are two of my college outfits which was taken today and the other one was taken on 7th september 2011. 
September's nail polish
Shirt and laptop case matched.
Are they purple, or pink?
but it's kinda both so I think it's kinda fuchsia!

Fashion Formula:
Marks & Spencer shirt + Topshop gray hareem pants + Inside flats + Jilbab from my friend; Annisa

Fashion Formula:
Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt + Zara cardigan + Topshop black trousers + Green Converse + Square jilbab paris

Fragile sequins
A thing that make these outfits correlated is this:
Prada nylon tote