A Shade of Dream

Oh. Finally,  after a while!

I can't express how much I missed blogging. Today, I want to start off by posting an art content. In this post, the art itself is a creation of a civil engineering student. She is a lovely friend of mine named Junisa who is usually called Jujuy. 

Are you curious already?
Lets take a look by clicking the link down below to view more! :)
The Oh, So Fancy! scrapbook was named so because on the first hand, it has colourful papers and I created custom front & back covers using the cut-outs from fashion magazine. I used the birdie Harry Winston's ad campaign which is one of my ultimate favourite, it's the one which you can see on the sidebar. This scrapbook was started back in the days when I was still becoming a crazy fashion-minded person on July 2008. I have several scrapbooks which is filled thematically. This one contains more personal side of my own self-expression which is shared artistically through collages, drawings, and stuff. It is also opened for some of my close friends to contribute their expression.
After Jujuy have returned the scrapbook, I felt like changing the covers into these (below). It's because I don't get 'the connection' of the covers anymore. For the front cover (right), I combined pictures found in pinterest and an old saved picture of Gemma Ward on a Vogue Italia's fashion editorial. I also put the quote:
"Life is more than just an art"
The quote reminds me not to overreact. When you're into something, especially the thing that relates to worldly life, don't go "too much". As in this case, I'm into artsy stuff. I don't have to take a pride of it, must not underestimate those who don't understand art, and so forth. Sometimes, I saw many people (including me) tend to be proud of something they are into which can be considered: arrogant. Be chill. If you enjoy something, be grateful for Allāh has given us the five senses to relish His generosity through many forms which can reflect blissfulness inside of us. More than that, life is bigger than whatever it is.   

Page 1
by Jujuy

Page 2
What's your biggest hope?
How about your passion?
Have you ever seen your future?
Is that your dream job?
Who is your future husband?
How about your amal for akhirah?
Page 3
Assalamu'alaikum aku Jujuy, bertemu dengan Mila via blog sejak 3 tahun yang lalu. Aku seorang pemimpi yang gemar overthinking kala tidur. Mila, ayo kita bermimpi!
EngAssalamu'alaikum I am Jujuy, met Mila through blog since 3 years ago. I am a dreamer who likes to overthink while sleeping. Mila, lets dreaming!

dream (drēm)
A wild fancy or hope, an aspiration
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dia adalah Mila, 20 tahun. Mila orang yang luar biasa, Allāh SWT memberinya kreativitas, kecerdasan, dan kecantikan inner beauty
Eng: She is Mila. 20 year old. Mila is extraordinary, Allāh SWT has given her creativity, intelligence, and inner beauty  

Page 4
Faithfully Fearlessly Forever
♥ XOXO ♥ 

Page 5
Let's Dreaming! fill the space below)

  • 2-3 years from now I'll get scholarship in France for structural management
  • being married in 25-27th (ameen..)
FORMULA: Dreams ---Hardwork---> Real

Page 6
Mila: (I haven't filled my part because errr, I have so many! Perhaps, I would sort out the most important ones later)

FORMULA: (...)

Page 7
And what about love?
"Dan segala sesuatu Kami ciptakan berpasang-pasangan supaya kamu mengingat akan kebesaran Allāh" {Adz-Dzariyaat : 49}
Muhsin Khan: "And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember (the Grace of Allah)" {Adh-Dhāriyāt (The Winnowing Winds) : 49}

Thank you Jujuy, for your sharing your dreams here. It somehow gave me stronger belief that dreams are not just dreams. Dreams are visions that keep us living. Dreams are places we want to go and actually, every human are inherently given the ability to reach their aspirations. Yes, we can. That's why there will always be the formula to make our dreams come true. Each person has their own concoction to work their magic, and Allāh's will to take us to the place we have dreamt about. in syā Allāh..       


  1. Hello Mila! Glad to see you back into blogging, you had us shocked when you deleted all your posts.
    We loved your amazing & cute ScrapBook, we had one similar to yours when we were younger!
    Take care beautiful!!

    1. Hi UAV :D
      thanks for stopping by on my blog. I bet your scrapbook must be madly creative! Glad that you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully I can share some of my scrapbook contents later.

      ✿ Keep posting inspiring stuff! ✿

  2. Fantastic post, we need more sisters to show love for hijabs