MMM x HM Wishlist

Oh. My. Want.

When I firstly saw ka Ami's MMM for H&M updates on instagram, I never imagined those pieces would look so good IRL *though I've just seen them via pictures though* but I managed not to be attracted to them. And then, I saw someone on a blog wore those lucite wedged black boots for the first time then I  instantly fell in love with them! a while after that, I saw those baggy trousers, the asymmetrical black top, white buttons up, kimono wraps, baggy black trousers which realized me to another huge thing for a collaboration with H&M on polyvore. And then, the love for these unique-cutting pieces is started to grow pretty much. I like how the simplicity of MMM's aesthetic has its own edges, and the bagginess of some pieces I chose. Since there's no H&M in Indonesia.. I only can stared at them desirably for them.

Another dream outfit featuring: MMM for H&M pantalon.

Dream Outfit // 49


  1. Very cool!
    I heart the black boots and the black dress :D

  2. aaahhhh.... can't wait to see that khaki shoes!

    1. me too! tapi jadinya yang warna item un..