Instagram Style Inspiration

Instagram is an application full of artful snaps. When I followed these people on instagram, I personally  feel inspired for what they have shared on their accounts. Here are some of 'screen captures' of pictures that inspire me. Here they are:
Vika Gazinskaya is  a  Russian fashion designer who has  an outstanding style aesthetic. She has been snapped by the street-style hunters for years, and surely her style stole the spotlight. In this style, she put on a wide graphic-printed prints on the maxi dress. She mixed it up with nike sneakers, red bag, and a denim jacket. What a style. 


Yesterday, I've just got back from Banda Aceh. I had a sort of tiring journey last day because I had prepared since 3:30 am to catch the morning flight on 6 am. My papa, little brother and I also had to transit for about 25 minuetes at Medan. After that Alhamdulillāh, we're arrived on Jakarta at 10.30 am. Then, we continued going to Bandung at 11am. From Jakarta, it took six hours to Bandung. It usually takes two hours or more if the traffic wasn't as jammed as yesterday. Well, as I have experienced on my latest trip; the shorter distance journey from town to another town in Java island is more tiring than moving from Sumatra island to Java island. Traffic Jam in the Java's downtowns have been a serious problem. Especially in our capital city; Jakarta. Hopefully, in the near future this problem can be solved. Ok, enough with the traffic things. I had an amazing week at Banda Aceh. I already feel like missing everything about Aceh now. I do. After I finished my last Jogja trip, in shaa Allāh I'll continue to make the Aceh trip posts.  

Today, My family and I gathered for lunch to welcome Ramadhan (In shaa Allāh, Please convey us to reach the holy month ya Rabb). There were my mom, my grandmother, my sisters and surely their husbands (my brothers in law), my little brother, and my incredibly cute nephew. Here are some snaps of us:   
Photo taken by Citra's husband
From left to right: My elder sister; Wina, eldest sister; Citra, mom and her sweetheart grandson; Zen, me, and my sweet granny.

Dream Outfit // 48

Fashion Formula:
Topshop dino tee by tee cake dinosaur t-shirt + Hache Blazer + A-Line Maxi-Skirt + Marni Printed PVC tote + Denis Colomb Ring Shawl + Nike Air Vortex LTR

This is my 48th dream outfit formulated in my polyvore. I feel like this one is sort of different than others. It's simple, and I feel like these pieces could be easily found in some places around me which means those pieces don't have to be exactly the same things like on this set. I've told here on my previous post that I currently into white shirts. And this! I've never seen it in topshop store here actually, but the shirt's print is so adorable, isn't it? Because I used to be interested in dinosaurs. I also kinda need white skirt, and this one which I found on polyvore seemed to be nice! I hope I can find one white skirt, one day. Marni is a genious label for making graphic prints, the tote has the 'fresh and young' feeling! I've just found that scarf by the way, I'm liking the blue! The colour scheme of this outfit also puts 'smiley faces' on me! Yeah, you know.. women are created to be physiologically more attracted to colours and have the ability to see much more different colours than men. And the last but not the least are the nikes! I've been mixing some sets on my polyvore with this footwear. The shoes are completing a such comfortable look. That's why I post this set here :).


Ya, menulis bagiku merupakan suatu kebutuhan. Dimana.. kegiatan tersebut membantuku untuk membiarkan pikiran-pikiran dalam benak untuk terbang bebas ke atas medianya. Menulis bukan lagi suatu kegiatan yang membutuhkan alat tulis seperti pulpen maupun pensil untuk menari-nari di atas kertas lagi. Menulis pada era masa kini sudah menjadi eranya dimana jari-jari tangan menghentakkan dirinya di atas papan tombol jari pada mesin ketik maupun pada perangkat keras penting dalam komputer.

Pada pos ini, saya menulis dengan bahasaku, Bahasa Indonesia untuk pertama kalinya dengan lengkap. Mungkin akan aku mulai pos-pos lainnya dengan Bahasa Indonesia, insha Allāh. Alasanku selama ini menulis dalam Bahasa Inggris tidak lain untuk melatih kemampuan berbahasa inggrisku, dan juga agar apa yang aku tulis ini dapat dimengerti di belahan dunia lain. Bahasa Indonesia tetap saja merupakan bahasa yang tercinta untukku. Bahasa yang indah untuk dimengerti, bahasa yang indah untuk diukir menjadi satuan kata-kata. Bahasa yang pastinya aku mengerti hingga ke lubuk hati.  



My family has just got an obituary last Monday. My eldest sister must passed through a miscarriage for her first daughter who had been borne for seven months. She was baby Illona Artanaya Kinandari. I know that every sad news will bring anyone into grief. But surely, the mischance happened only by the will of Allāh Swt. Allāh Swt surely will never let us 'down' as long as we're given life by Him in this world. His lessons are meant to make us be fully grown. It depends on us, on how we work on every situation we are in. The best movement either in good or bad situations is the movement that brings us closer towards Allāh Swt.

I saw her, my pretty niece.. masha Allāh. She looked like my sister a lot. I've heard that any baby who has given the 'spirit' by Allāh Swt, and they died while they were still pure, in shaa Allāh.. they will be put around Allāh Swt in the hereafter. May baby Illona be placed in heaven, ya Rabb..  Even though we haven't met in this dunya, hopefully we all, as one ummah be placed in the shade of Allāh Swt. Aamiin!

Every obituary of close family or relatives has always been successfully warn me that we will pass away too. 
Oh Allāh.. this world is just a short phase for us to pass.. But why do I get attached so much to it? Astaghfirullāh, please Guide us with your Guidance, Guide us to Your Light, to the right way.. 
Now, my sister is bed-rested at the hospital. Ya Allāh, please Give us Your tranquility in our remembrances of You.. Please give the strength for my brother and sister; Ari Widodo and Citra Anzib after passed this test from You, may the hurt that they felt will shed their sins and make this test as a purifying to come back to You. And may baby Illona Artananya Kinandari.. :') be placed beside You, and may she pick her parents up in the hereafter. Aamiin, please send your prayer or du'a too ^_^ Jazaakuma Allaahu khayran.