January Freshness

All of the sudden, I found this superb blog contains such creative collages made by Mr. Francis since June 2011. His love for pokemon and fashion are combined through his artwork. The fun vibe that shown on his works also remind me of KAWS's. Simple yet so fresh. His choices of the fashion images are also something I have a spot for. And most of them are Steven Meisel's shots. Sometimes, amazing thing come from simplicity in life. Like our inner child we used to have, and probably we still carry it by now. These are some of my choices of his amazing art! 

Nice combinations of long sleeved shirt with a tube top | 
Red + nude + silver + glitter + swallow birds = Oh So Miu Miu
Miu Miu's gingham patterned sling back heels! I'm in love | Kasumi/Misty lookin' so cute!
Prints goddess
Socks and heels have always been my favourite combinations. And they're combined perfectly on the image above.
Gotta catch 'em all!