Jogja 2012 | Day 1

I took the train that left Bandung at 7am on 26th June 2012 to Jogjakarta. That was a dream came true. I had been dreaming to have a journey on a train after so long I've never been on a train anymore. I really missed the train noises, the beautiful sceneries, and ate nasi goreng inside the train. And the place I was going was my dream journey destination; Jogjakarta. The last time I went there was on around mid 2010 when I joined my high school's comprehensive learning (study tour) program. But we only stayed for a while there. We only stopped by around Malioboro and bought some souvenirs over there. After that, we continued our trip to Bandung on Buses. Thanks Allāh to have given me this opportunity, to have come back again to this lovely city.

I went there with my mom, and three of her friends. Then, we arrived at Jogjakarta around 2pm. And for an hour we finally got reservations at a hotel in an alley nearby Malioboro street. Luckily, the hotel we got is placed close to the main road. It was really hard to find ones! In the holidays, the hotels are mostly fully reserved.

After that, we had an afternoon walk to get some foods. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful afternoon vibe I experienced there. I've never seen such thing on the road before (below). It's such an creative, artsy guardrail. It's Aksara Jawa written there which I don't actually know what it really means and moreover, I don't know how to read it.