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Going Global - Yes. as we have seen right now, the islamic fashion nowadays have been evolving rapidly throughout the years. The good news is: first, as the muslim society all over the world, we can prune the negative issues about this religion bit by bit. From this 'cultural diplomacy' through fashion, we can show this religion to the world more 'opened'. Fashion is like an easy language that everybody understands. Through these growth of islamic fashion, hopefully people are interested to know deeper about this beautiful religion. 

Secondly, I feel there a lot more muslimah are increasing in numbers who finally can identify themselves as muslim by the way she dresses. The example I can explain is myself. Though I am finally wearing hijab because of 'a person' who has inspired me, and one of the most interesting things that I am interested into is fashion, I finally can apply more islamic values into my life before I wore hijab. Alhamdulillāh for the good things which are coming after I wore hijab. I hope the same things are happening for most of sisters out there too, though I know some sisters are taking it off. But that doesn't mean the hijabbed girls are better than the non-hijabbed. We can't judge people for the one who knows the heart is Allāh only. Just keep making prayers for the last ummah of our prophet, Muhammad. There are fluctuations in life that maybe it's listed in Allāh's plan that can make us better, in shā Allāh. 

Even though fashion is one of the reasons I finally wear hijab (as seen on CMF's Story), and now the way I dress is not syar'i enough, I know that I keep learning and getting more interested to implement the way of the muslim's life. The point that I'm trying to say is that.. by the appearance of sister's site:, hopefully the skeptical images about muslim can slowly be vanished, and slowly most people of the world can embrace the only truth, which is islam.

By the way - I just remembered that yesterday was my blog's birthday! I have planned to post my experience in hijab some weeks ago, but I just forget to make one. in shā Allāh I'd post it as soon as I can.

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