Joyful Friday

Today is my last day of third semester in college. The weeks near to exams are always corrupting the spirit to study, I have a hunch. Maybe it's because I'm just too excited to be released from the dense of the assignments. But when the examinations are ended, it feels really good to have the payback. 

Well actually, I was sort of lazy going to attend lectures I had today. But it's worse if I didn't attend lectures just because of my destructive laziness. The feeling of being forced has put me into excitements because everything seems to fall perfectly. I had an amazing last day on Hubungan Internasional Kawasan (Regionalism) lecture. I think my lecturer is the one who is really creative so, everything about this lecture can be packed really interesting. I think the number one of rule of the class he made has been accomplished successfully. That is to: have fun. I personally had fun throughout this lectures though I'm not participated so much during the discussion because I'm a kind of person who is hardly to speak for oneself. My silence has killed me. The 'two cents' my lecturer has showed us on his last presentation says that:
"It is better to 'err' or to be laughed then remembered, than to be silence and forgotten"
 'D' word. That's right. I like how he tried to encourage his students to be more eager without the destructive ways. I hope I can learn how to speak out my mind, and boost my confidence by time. This Regionalism lecture always took full hours like it has been scheduled. But today, the class ended earlier than the scheduled time. And we just sum up everything we have learned throughout the semester, see our grades, and discuss some light stuff. 

When I waited for my next lecture, I got myself some of my favourite fried potatos snack, chatted with some friends while the rain fell. After the rain stopped, I listened to some bossa nova music. It feels really wonderful, the atmosphere I got at that time. And I was also looking forward to my sister; Wina and her super duper cute son; Zen who lives in Jakarta to come to Bandung with my mother too. And my father was also coming from out of town; Palembang. I'm so happy to be gathered with all the family members at the same time. Alhamdulillaah ya Allaah.

This is one of my current favourite:

But then, on the last class of the day which was Hukum Internasional (International Law), I was a bit distracted with my own excitement. Haha. The class was ended soon too! Next week will be the start of my final semester examinations. So please, wish us luck!

If I didn't attend any class today maybe I wouldn't be this happy. And forces can actually add one of the best ingredients in life. I lived this Friday happily. Alhamdulillaah. Alhamdulillaah for the time; ya Allaah!     
By night, I had dinner with my family today at Pepper Lunch in PVJ. But my mom didn't join us because she preferred to take care of her grandson; Zen at home who was so tired at that time. After dinner, we went to the bookstore and my dad bought me these:
  1. Malcolm X's Autobiography book (in Bahasa Indonesia)
  2. Stylish with Simple Hijab by FiMiNin book!
I've been looking forward to these two books. First, I was so curious to know deeper about Malcolm X,  since I only know him through his famous quotations. Secondly, the FiMiNin book I've been looking forward to since forever. Oh finally, it's in my hand. Such a happy, happy girl. Alhamdulillaah ya Allaah for these new books.

My dad also bought me this pair of boyfriend jeans at MUJI. Love, love, love it! I never liked to wear jeans actually. But when I found the baggy jeans and these boyfriend jeans from MUJI, I really feel that they fits my taste. It's hardly to find jeans with these cuttings while the trend nowadays I find mostly on the stores are the skinnies. The outfit photo below isn't actually my outfit of the day. The real OOTD I had today was rather sloppy, so I didn't feel like to post it up! LOL. 

Here's the style I'm trying to mix up with my new jeans:    
Fashion Formula:
Lacoste buttons up (given from my aunt) + MUJI boyfriend jeans + Zara sling bag + MMM with H&M invisible wedge pump (gift from my cousin ) + Sox Gallery purple socks

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