Hello, Lucite Newbies!

Thanks a lot to my cousin; kak Magi who bought me these lucite beauties from H&M Malaysia. Since my previous post before, I had a crush on the boots ones but they were too expensive, and for the nude pumps, they weren't available in my size. So, I chose these black pair because it's more neutral compare to the red ones and I believe that black can go no wrong. I can pair these with black socks so it could be like the camouflage of the boots (haha). I am also amazed knowing that the price was lowered down from the actual price. Everything seems so perfect, I just wish this shoes were just bigger a half in size. By encouraging myself about this, I'm quoting Anna Dello Russo's Fashion Shower song:
"Lesson number three: fashion is always uncomfortable; if you feel comfortable.. you'll never get the look."  
LOL! I am not actually that slaving over fashion (um, is that even a phrase). Just making a bit of fun despite my size. That means I will only be able to wear these occasionally, and don't wear them for too long in standing. But no matter what, I adore these beauties.  Thanks a lot kakaaaaaak!  :D

Just a cold-weather attire: knitted jacket given from my aunt!

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  1. I looked them up on ebay and they're pretty expensive (I mean MMM wedges). You must be a very lucky girl!!


    1. Yes, Alhamdulillaah :D
      but when my cousin bought it, the price of the wedges have been lowered ^_^