One Perfect Weekend

Went for lunch at the TSM (Trans Studio Mall) today with my family! :)
Kak Wina, Zen, Mom, and I
Zen got his hair cut!
another girl crush on Lily Cole on the Body Shop campaign. (before)

Photos by dad:
M is for ... Mila! :D | Doing my take home test for Monday
Fashion Formula:
Gray shirt + Mango cardigan + ♥ Birds ♥ printed scarf from Rumah Mode +  MUJI boyfriend jeans + Nude coloured socks + Montego Bay Club wedges from Payless + Mango bag
Wrist accessories detail

Mom's Outfit Photo:
Love mom's outfit! & surely, we do share clothes 
Hahaha, gotcha! 11:11 pm and 11:11 am -- two days in a row!

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