Hey, Hey, September!

(: السلام عليكم
Glad to be back! I missed blogging here oh so much.

First September already. And this week is my first week on the third semester at Uni (so long, three months holiday~). The last time I blogged was on 2nd August. Almost a month this blog has been neglected, whereas I have planned so many things to be posted on this blog. It was Ramadan, and I'm suffering a quite serious sickness. I could be looked healthy on the outside, but I need a long period of medication. So, I'd like to ask your prayer for my health, and for our health in general. Jazakumullah Khairan Katsiran Wa Jazakumullah Ahsanal Jaza (^_^). I personally feel thankful for these reminders from Allāh Swt. I believe that every test from Him will give us the best lesson for us to be a better person each day we're given. Ameen.

I've posted nothing on most of my social-media accounts (except twitter) about our Eid 1433H because of the unavailable internet connection for me during those days (I had my Eid in Jogjakarta). So, I wish we all have a nice one, and from my deepest heart, I humbly ask your forgiveness for every mistakes I've done. The most important is to keep our Ramadan spirit along the way to the next 11 months ahead until we meet the next Ramadan *in shaa Allāh.. if God Willing*. Ameen.

Today I had a day-out with my mom to a wedding party and continued to Paris Van Java (a mall in Bandung). Here are some snaps of the day:
Saw this billboard on my way to PVJ. This show used to be aired on local TV channel It makes me miss Ramadan so much! I used to watch this show almost every suhoor time. I watched this on MNC Muslim once (after Ramadan), but I don't know exactly the time schedule when will this be aired. Really touches my heart.. I cried on some parts of the show. How I wondered to live at the same era with Rasulullāh S.A.W. How the people struggled. How people echoed the Shahada.. *goosebumps*

I am a pasta monster currently. Since the primary food is defined as rice in Indonesia, pasta isn't eaten every where and every day here. So, I'm kinda longing to eat spaghetti with aglio olio seasoning. It's totally my current favourite right now. I had lunch at Pepper Lunch, and I didn't know there was this menu. I was straight ordering it. Changing my 'always-be-ordered' menu from Pepper Lunch: Salmon Pepper Rice (without pepper). I don't fancy this version so much. I recommend "Salmon City" from Warung Pasta, and "Aglio Olio" from Bakerzin for those who like spicy taste.    
Alhamdulillāh! Mom let me to eat my favourite ice cream.. ^_^
Mom, I wish you'll be placed in Jannah.. Ameen ya Rabbal 'Alamin.
Fashion Formula:
Marks & Spencer fuschia shirt + Asos jumpsuit (♥ Oh La La! Bird prints on it ♥) + Maysaa navy blue chiffon scarf snood + Prada nylon tote + Camel coloured socks + Nine West nude studded flats   
Bumped into my high school friend; Astari a.k.a Jek! She has the fanciest hands -- ever. We used to talk fashion stuff when we were still class mates, and we mostly went crazy over teenvogue issues! Haha! fun times. Too bad I forgot to take her head-to-toe pic. She definitely got some cool, unique, chic taste. 
Love Lily Cole on here!
Getting my first make-up kit which are 4 palette of eye shadows, mascara, and lipstick.
Fuschia on my eyes everywhere! First: the shirt I wore today, on the street: I saw so many fuschia-coloured flowers! really energzing to have seen those flowers blooming on the street, and then: the fuschia cardigan me and my mom tried on in Marks & Spencer fitting room.
Happy getting this! ^_^ wish to get some scarfs from Ina's Scarf later.
p.s.: pardon my messy desk :P 


  1. Ih, baru liat dong dress itu.. Lucu bangeed! Cocok ya sama warna fuchia, kembaran lagi sama mama. So cutee..
    Dan es krim gentong-nya itu bikin jadi kepengeeenn, huhuhuhu di Jakarta jauh yg jualnya.. *cuma bisa ngiler

    1. itu jumpsuit ka winaaa.. btw itu cardigannya pas lagi nyobain di marks & spencer aja jadi samaan.. hoho~
      di mall deket ka wina ga ada gitu? waktu kemarin ke pvj kita jg ga sempet ke gentong yaaa.. huu