HFW Day 1 - Leaders in Hijab

Whoa! It's the first time I participate Hijab Fashion Week. I know I'm so late to join in, but insha Allāh, I'm able to manage myself to participate for the whole week! >>> an absolute last minuete particpant <<< hehe. peace!

Day One. Leaders in Hijab.
Each of human being is a leader. 
Especially for themselves.
That's why lovehfw includes the questions:
What leadership roles do you have? and how do you dress for them as a hijabi?

Surely, one has many roles in his/her life. I am myself is a package of a daughter, a friend, a sister, and insha Allāh a khalifah who is now studying in a faculty of social and political sciences. In this section, I will dress down as a student. 

Firstly, I was inspired after reading an information about the woman who works at NASA. There, on the "Woman at NASA" section, I saw a hijabi woman. My eyes were clicked right on her picture and was thirsty to get know about her information. She is an American Muslim named Tahani Amer. Masha Allāh, Alhamdulillāh. What's truly strong about her is that she lives by three simple principles:
  1. Please God and you will please all.
  2. Education is the key to the opportunity.
  3. Serve others with compassion and kindness.
The second point has made me think about the importance of the education itself. "Education is the key to the opportunity." The key to have the opportunity to be one of His khalifah is through knowledges and surely His will. That has surely sparked me off to go through my academic life passionately. Insha Allāh. 

As a student, I usually dress casually to college. But for this occasion, I'm inspired by one of Indonesia's national patriot during the 30's until 60's. Her name is Hajjah Rasuna Said. In her youth, she was known as a person who had strong will and also was a visionary. Her first effort for this country was when she joined a political party named 'Sarekat Rakyat' as a subdivision secretary. Then, she became a member of Persatuan Muslim Indonesia (PERMI). Her bravery to make speeches about the dutch imperialism and injustices had sent her to the jail. That's the bitterness of struggle to defend the truth and quell the ignorance. What's also interesting about her is that it's rarely seen women in hijab on that era. At that time, it was still seldom for woman to wear hijab though they were muslim. Of course, there were various reasons that caused it to happen. I'm really proud that Hajjah Rasuna Said had put the hijab on her head beautifully at her lifetime. Especially that she's one of the important people from the past, they would be documented much more for people in the future to see. And I think she's a good example of an Indonesian woman who had worn the hijab on. 
younger version of Mrs. Rasuna Said on the left
and the older version of Mrs. Rasuna Said on the right
(based on self observation. hehe)

So now, on my first look on HFW, I would presenting myself as a student with a mixture of Hajjah Rasuna Said's (younger version) hijab look, with outfit that is adjusted to the era I'm living by now. And here is the look! :)
Left: trying out the old fashioned portrait >,<
Right: pardon for the confused face, I call it as a 'hurry self timer' face. haha

Fashion Formula: 
Minora white long sleeved shirt + Mango polka dots blazer + Ranti Moslem's Gallery skirt + Nude coloured socks + Nine West studded flats + White pashmina + Bvlgari glasses + Mango army bag   



  1. This is very creative and thoughtful, mashaAllah!

    Glad you were able to join us, this season!

    ♥ Wafa of

  2. this one lookss sO cOool! lol

  3. Salam. Good for you to squeeze some time and catch up.. This one sure looks nice..

  4. Salaam everyone! thanks to have visited my blog :)