Tulle Sunday

Fashion Formula:
Mango Suit tulle blouse + Zara white long sleeved shirt + Black maxi skirt + Sox Gallery baby blue candy socks + Maysaa chiffon scarf snood + Mom's necklace + Giovanni flatforms 


  1. Salam Mila..
    been long to read your post again :D
    Those Giovanni shoes is kinda looks alike with the shoes from Argyle Oxford brand, don't you think? but I still love them both :D
    and how to make a pict like your first picture in this post? do you use photoshop? it's intrigued me actually to make such a nice pict :D
    keep posting and spread dawah sist

  2. Rere

    Salām sister Rere :)
    actually, I thought they were like a pair of derek lam's flatforms as I've told in here. I've never knew there was a brand called Argyle Oxford. And I know now! hihi thanks for giving me another reference. Their shoes are awesome! Yeah, I think the same. They both have the same kind of flatforms, but the Argyle Oxford's have higher height and they have a unique front-piece.
    The first photo is actually taken from my iPod. I used an application called camera 360. But you can do it on photoshop too. Just pick two pictures you want to embed, then you can set the layer style so they can blend the way you want it to look.

  3. ah, i forgot that you have posted about those pair shoes before. silly me :D
    Yeah, actually I'm kinda fond of local clothing brand, cause they are making such a cool but affordable things, and their anonymous is what makes them special to wear for me, cause it'll be different. :D
    Why don't you write an article bout other local clothing brand that you've known.
    and thank you for the trick, mil.