I Must Have Been Dreaming!


I'm totally dumbstruck with this. My own idol really visited my blog? that would be so -----unimaginable------ I've never reached 2,328 visits in a day (which was on 27 October 2011)! That wouldn't be happening without kak Dian's tweet. When I was being melodramatic, I tried to cover my face with everything I could find in front of me because of the *blushing* moment. But actually, I was smiling behind it:
And this is how anyone would likely to react after saw that picture/read my confession.

 Thankyou so much for kak Dian, 
and everyone who has visited my blog :3 

p.s: my twitter is @vivalamode  @milaanzib 


  1. wowww.. congrats!! you really deserve it.. :)

  2. Dian Pelangi, I've read her name several times before while browsing on the internet. My cousins also hunted her collection on several bazaar but they said Dian Pelangi's collection is very limited edition :)

    I can only imagine how happy you are, getting promoted from someone you adore. That's gotta be ubercool! :)

    By the way, I finally visited Dian Pelangi's blog for the 1st time today and that's how I got your link.

  3. Sishi Semet
    Alhamdulillah, thanks kak!
    Also thanks for visiting my blog and pass a comment here. I adore your style...!

    hello cb
    Hi! Hi! thanks for visiting too ^_^
    Yes (!), my feeling was quite indescribable.