Repost: The Most Merciful

God: My servant, pray night prayer which is 11 raka’ats.

Servant: I’m tired, I can’t

God: My servant, pray 2 rakaat shaf’a prayer and 1 rakaat witr prayer

Servant: God it’s difficult for me to get up in the middle of the night.

God: My servant, pray these 3 rakaats before going to bed.

Servant: 3 rakaats is too much

God: My servant, just pray 1 rakaat witr prayer.

Servant: My God, I’m really tired today, is there any other way?

God: My servant, before sleep go make widu and look towards the sky and say “Ya Allah”

Servant: God, when i’m in bed if I get up I can’t fall asleep anymore.

God: My servant, just while you’re lying down, make tayamum and say “Ya Allah”

Servant: God the weather is really cold. I can’t bring my hands out from under the blanket.

God: My servant, in your heart just say “Ya Allah” and I’ll count that as night prayer for you.

The servant doesn’t pay any heed and goes to bed.

God: My angels look! I was so easy on my servant and he/she is still sleeping. There isn’t much time left until Fajr. Go wake him/her up because I miss them. They haven’t spoken to me.

Angels: God, we woke them up again and they still are asleep.

God: My angels, whisper in his/her ear that your Lord is waiting for you.

Angels: God, they are still not getting up.

God: Recite the morning adhan and tell my servant that your morning prayer will become ghada.

Angels: God why don’t you throw your wrath on them?

God: they don’t have anybody except me. Maybe they will repent …

My servant! When you stand for prayer, I pay so much attention as if I only have one servant on this world … while you stand for prayer, you act as if you have hundreds of god

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An inspiring post I found on my tumblr dashboard. Masha Allaah.
*heart crying in tears*

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