Arabic Class

Assalāmu'alaykum dear readers,

I'd like to share you about my day today. Actually I am in the mid-term exam weeks. But the next exam I'm going to have is on Tuesday.. which is going to be about the Regionalism around the Middle East! Yes, I am so interested learning current studies on this semester, Alhamdulillāh. I also take an Arabic Language course at Salman ITB Masjid (Mosque) since late February this year. So, the vibe of Middle East is really impassioned on this semester. I think Salman is one public Masjid(s) I know in my town which is really 'alive'. I've hardly seen this place is deserted from the visitors  even on Sunday. It's not just a place for praying, but people are also busy seeking knowledges there. The people are busy learning, gathering, and do so many positive activities there. 

Since I am not studying at the college with islamic atmosphere, and moreover, I have never been into the circle of Keluarga Masjid or the Member of Masjid, I am a kind of newbie to experience the 'eagerness' in the true Islamic society. I've been passionated to learn Arabic language because I want to understand deeper about Islam, and perhaps it would help me in reading literatures for my focus study. And finally, I found one friend at college who has the same passion, and we finally signed up for the course together there. It's our 10th attendance today, and there are many new lessons I can absorb about it when the teacher talked relating to some surat(s) in the Qur'an, he also discusses about the root of some Arabic words. Subhanallāh, when I learned about this language, I am trully amazed. The language is just: SO AMAZING. How beautiful the script is, how 'flexible' the use of the words are, how the language itself is really broad in meanings, how there are so many things I can not find in  other languages I have learned (such as Indonesian, Sundanese, English, Japanese, and French). Truly, behind Allāh's decision.. there are so many beautiful mysteries. But for the use of the language itself, I still have to do so many many exercises and I must do that extra-memorizing thingy.    

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The Arabic book's cover coloured quite alike -- like my bag :D



  1. I found your blog through accident, but now I see it you are my penpal. I sent you a letter but it came back to me, I guess I misspelled your address wrong xD
    It's Jen from Vermont, we share the same major ^^
    I resent you the letter, so hopefully it will come soon :)

    1. Hello Jen, I do remember you. That's funny how you can find my blog! :D
      Yes, surely I have waited for your letter to come. But I guess now my expectation to get your letter will become real! Can't wait to see it..