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Wow. I just figured out the existence of Miss Vogue. I don’t exactly know the readers'  age range  for this magazine, but surely it’s more kind of for younger generation—not too young such as teenager—but it's more likely for college girls and up. The concept for these .gif(s) is sort of ‘wow’ to me. I like how its first edition brings up the sense of sneaker on the cover with Bambi (the model) on it. Those are the ‘kicking’ parts for me. I have never been this interested to fashion world since I saw the latest Dries Van Noten collection, and the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection (which is quite a long time ago). Maybe my fond for fashion is decreasing slowly. But, man. When I see this first edition from Miss Vogue, I can be wow-ed again by fashion, though I bet this will just be temporary.

The styling! I enjoy looking at these, though I know I have a bit gone off from the concept of my faith. What I mean by inspired by these is that I got myself stimulated from the idea of this look to create  the looks in different interpretations. I just like the concepts of emphasizing the sneakers, paired up with the unconventional top; such as the breathe-able floral dress, super-flare black skirt, classic blouse, and the last outfit is OHMYGOSH-ly stunning. It’s so clean and crisp. Christine Centenera's stylings definitely got two thumbs up from me.
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More amazing things on Miss Vogue's site:
Well done, once again Christine Centenera for being the fashion editor of Miss Vogue!

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