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Our bracelets picture when we were at Dreamland Beach, Bali.
I've always wanted my friendship bracelet which  was bought at Uluwatu, Bali be back. It was the 'same stuff' I had with some of my close friends at high school. We went to Bali on the 10th grade/2nd year in high school to join a study comprehension from school. I love the pattern and its colour the most. The picture on the left is my friend's, Chindy when we were in high school wearing batik uniform on Thursday. She's so neat, so she still keeps it. I wonder where's mine.. I remembered that I lost it somewhere in my bedroom. But I can't find it yet until now. Recently, I just realized that we can make our own friendship bracelet by our own selves!

It was all started on 6th November 2012 when I went to a traditional market after sunset accompanying my mom to buy some fruits nearby my house. I was randomly felt like making a friendship bracelet after seeing a stack of embroidery floss in one shop. I bought 4 colours of embroidery floss, because those were the only available colours there. And then, I tried to make one using the pattern I found here: Friendship Bracelets. My first attempt was tried making the bracelet with 4 colours, 8 strings. As a beginner, at first I was baffled a lot. But the longer it took, I enjoyed it! I felt this activity could practice some patience and persistence. (pic)

Voila! after about two days or more, here's my very first friendship-bracelet creation. I didn't make it as bracelet though, I made the length longer and added that circle thing which we usually find on keychain (what is that called?). 
From the leftover, I made a friendship-ring with different simpler pattern
How they look like on my arm 
The third one is on the making!  Look how I expand the width from the first one I made. 

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