Covered Cover Girls

  1. Vogue Italia cover - December 1968 issue
  2. Vogue Italia cover - December 1969 issue
  3. Vogue Italia cover - December 1970 issue
  4. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1969 issue
  5. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1971 issue
  6. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1971 issue
  7. Vogue Italia; editorial - December 1971 issue
When it comes to December, the four seasoned countries have to face the cold, windy winter season. That's why Vogue Italia since way back when have almost presented a covered up model on its cover. The mixture between fashion and faith, as Dian Pelangi has quoted that.. you can only find it in Islam. Though these cover ups don't represent religious  aesthetic, but still.. When it comes to the coverings of head, neck, and most of the woman's body part except face and hands then, it reminds me of the muslimah identity; the hijab. The Italian Vogue has been leading throughout the years for its artful fashion aesthetic. Showing these covered ups look also means that hijab is a high fashion, and a timeless statement too.  

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