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Repost: Hijab? or Jilbab?


So, I was wondering what's the difference between Jilbab and Hijab after Fiminin mentioned the 'tulle jilbab' on their blog. I wonder if there is any difference?! And now I found it out...
Hijab (comes from the root words giving reference to) that which conceals, hides, conceals from sight, to keep private, seclusion. Thus, in context of religion, hijab refers to that woman who covers her face and conceals herself from strangers.

Jilbab: a garment, a dress. Usually that type of attire which conceals the shape of a person’s body. ‘Jilbab’ is usually worn by woman that adheres to the advice Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) gave his blessed family regarding its necessity. From the ayah of the Quran we learn that women are to uphold the jilbab as a religious injunction. It also helps to ward of the stares of strangers as the shape of a dignified person.

Men are also called upon to be modest in their presentation of the human self as well.

The correct way to wear the hijab as defined above would be to wear clothing that would not expose the shape of any part of the body to a stranger. Hijab would be inclusive of the niqab (face covering.) The correct way to wear the hijab would differ. It would depend on safety issues, visibility, environment, level of comfort, etc. The concept and function of hijab would however remain constant.

Jilbab would be inclusive of the above definition of hijab with the exception of face covering.

Our preference at all times is modesty, regardless of whether a person chooses the hijab or jilbab mode of dress.

Allah Certainly Knows best. 

I usually use the word 'hijab' instead of 'jilbab' but I think from now on, I'll prefer the word jilbab. Because I frankly don't cover my face.

The Japan T-Shirt

Only played dress up
oh my poor wedges...
Fashion Formula:
Japan T-Shirt + Black Extra Long Sleeves + Mango Blazer + Green Army Trousers + Billabong Belt + Cropped Socks + Black Wedges + Plain Black Hijab

Visiting Jakarta

Yesterday, I went to Jakarta to visit my sister's flat. She lives with her husband now. And sometimes, I really miss her. Since I'm in holiday, it was the perfect timing to visit her even it's just only one day. We went shopping all day!

Fashion Formula:
Zara White Shirt + Black Extra Long Sleeves + Topshop Cardigan + Jeans Maxi Skirt +Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote + Black Hijab + AFM Watches + Green Converse

with my little brother

Here is my experiments I did on Sunday with my new skullcaps

Being Featured on FiMiNin!

I had a great day today with my mother and my little brother! We went for a day out and I got some new hijabs :D. I am also ecstatic knowing that I was featured on Fiminin blog. Here is the screenshot:
Actually I am not the one who is featured first, I just piled up the screen shots. There are also many beautiful and inspiring girls on the post! You better check it out here. The bad news I got today is that I failed putting the film into my analog camera. So, I didn't get any result. I'm so sad because the objects I had captured on that camera is difficult to find again.

Here's what I wore today:

Fashion Formula:
Mango Buttons Up + Black Jeans + Green Converse + Green Prada Nylon Tote + Gradation Hijab

The Cartoon Shirt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Fashion Formula:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Shirt + Extra Black Long Sleeves + Mango Blazer + Black Maxi Skirt + Green Converse + Green Prada Nylon Tote + Minimal Knitted Shawl as Hijab
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Walking on History

Today, I've just discovered my other soulmate called: Museum. Around 11 in the morning, one of my lovely chums; Annisa picked me up with his brother. Then, we arrived at Museum Asia Afrika.

Actually, we have came there yesterday with the other friends to do our civic assignment from school. My civic teacher participated the new learning media exhibition. One of them is to make our civic workbook like a scrapbook. And my book was shown there! I felt 3/4 teaspoon ashamed and 1/4 teaspoon proud at the same time. Annisa and I wanted to come back there the day afterwards to take some pictures. We asked some friends to join us, but no one could, so it was just the two of us.

And today we went there again! It was a such sunny day outside but, it's cool inside the museum. Not just the temperature, But the things inside there also. MAA is one of the highest historical places in Indonesia. Because, the Asian-African Conference on 18th until 24th April 1955 was held there, and 29 countries participated. This conference stated aims were to promote Afro - Asian economic and cultural cooperation and to oppose colonialism and neocolonialism by either the United States or the Soviet Union in the cold war, or any other imperialistic nation. This conference was an important step toward crystallization of the non-aligned movement. If you are interested with this, take a look further: here.

There are so many good old stuff which are taken care well. I took a lot of pictures until I didn't realize that I have passed three hours in that 'not-so-big' museum. I felt quite amazed learning history this way... It's a lot more fun! But, my history teacher is fascinating as well. She's one of the best teachers in my school. And maybe also it's just the way history mostly got me fascinated (though I didn't always get good score in history class lol).
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I also took some pictures with this old analog camera which belonged to my Dad! I adore the results of analog cameras for sure. So, I want to try it, and hopefully I'll get good photos. Here are some of my favourite shots:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Both pictures by me

The shot on the left reminds me of the early days of the well-dressed gentlemen like those who are appeared on The Sartorialist. Picture on the right is showing the tripod and the camera stood on the historical conference as the mute witness. I also like the vintage photo below it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
both pictures by me

The first picture is Leica that was used on the confrence. And the second one is the picture outside that was taken inside. I love how it has the analog effect without getting edited.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
first picture by Annisa, and second picture by Me
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
by self timer
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
by me
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
by Annisa
Fashion Formula:
Black Buttons Up + Minimal Black Trousers + Black Prada Nylon Tote + Mom's Orange Pashmina + Snowfly London Orange Loafers (to match my hijab lol)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
with my friend, Neng

We left the museum after our "hunger" was brutally felt (we both didn't have any breakfast lol). After that, we had lunch and had salat zuhur at Waroeng Steak. In WS, we met Melinda, and planned to do her project to make birthday surprise for her boyfriend. Then we headed to our school to meet up with some friends, It was raining on the background and thankfully to Allah, I feel like I'm hardly feeling annoyed by the rain. I've always enjoyed the rain and the after rain, Alhamdulillah. Maybe that's why I really like Bandung! After all, today went so fine :D
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by me
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Spotted: Melinda's super cute sandals!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I love this picture

Ikat Trousers

I started to grow interest towards with Batik and Ikat since Dries van Noten showcased it on his Spring 2010 collection. So, when I had a trip to Bali from my high school, I got myself an Ikat fabric to be made into this pair of ikat trousers! Here's what they look like:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fashion Formula:
White Zara Buttons Up + White Turtle Neck Shirt + Ikat Trousers + Zebra-patterned Belt + Green Converse + Prada Nylon Tote + Minimal Knitted Shawl as Hijab

I Wish I was a Good Writer

This Friday, I had a photoshoot featuring my latest D.I.Y pencil crown. I've always wanted to be a good writer. But there still a lot of path to reach that one goal of mine.

Why I chose pencil as the crown? Because, I see pencil as one of the magical thing in this world. Pencil is also one of many tools to pour our feelings, imaginations, ideas, thoughts, and creations onto papers. Pencils could give huge impact for those who use it to write, or draw. Unlike pens, pencil's scratch can be erased; correcting some mistakes we have made.

But what I am certain about is that reading is one crucial activity which gives us bigger impact to be better at writing. Beside practise to write over and over again, reading is one of the undeniable activity to improve our writing skill.

Since I'm just an average writer who is trying to improve my own writing skill, I would like to feel like a "Writing Queen" even just for a day! haha... poor me!

I have planned to make this photoshoot themed "I Wish I was a Good Writer" since August 2010. I wanted to feature the pencil crown and I told this plan to my friends. I had no instinct that they would give me a stack of colourful pencils for my last birthday gift. Without them, my plan to make it wouldn't have been realized until this day. Thank you so much Lestari, Annisa, Hasna, Melinda, and Chindy! I love you all guys so much...

And actually, the pencil crown is still unfinished. But I couldn't wait to see it on my photos! I guess I gotta work on it later! So, here are the results...

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Seeking Inspirations
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Peace Out!
(excuse for my un-peace-y face!)

Fashion Formula:
Blue Stripey Shirt + Black Maxi Skirt + Fuschia Shoe Ties (tied on my wrists) + Fuschia Socks + Aerosoles Black Wedges + Nude tulle hijab + D.I.Y Pencil Crown

for more photos: here

Glittery Sweater

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Tribal-Printed Hijab, Secondhand Sweater, Mango Jeans, Mango Belt, Green Prada Nylon Tote, Green Converse
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This look was inspired from:
(basically I just got the sweater :P)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Dries Van Noten's Spring Summer 2011 Collection!
  • Shiny sweater
  • Clean wide-legged trousers (I should get one pair of it!)
  • Holographic thin belt
  • Printed silk outerwear
Alright, I might be really late knowing this fantastic collection that was held around September 2010, but I was just amazed seeing every pieces that were shown there. As a post I read on tumblr:
You know that feeling you get when someone else understands you? That’s the feeling I get from Dries Van Noten and his designs. His clothes embody that classic sportswear prep with a hint of casual edge, & when I say edge I don’t mean leather pants and studs, (Even though I’ve soo been needing a pair of leather pants in my closet) but edge in the sense that it’s understated, easy and personal. Dries and his design really do embody who I am. & it’s extremely comforting when you find a designer who connects with you on a level thats more than just by their designs.
- gonegonetonyc
I really can't agree more about Dries van Noten as commented on that post. His collections have never failed to impress me. There will be his design that I wish I could be wearing, by trying to interpret the look since I can't afford buying his pieces.

Track of the day: Porcelain Raft - Tip of Your Tongue

My First Hijab Outfit

Wow! I can't believe I'm doing my first hijab outfit post! This is the outfit I wore to my school's subjects course and my drawing course yesterday. I wore the T-shirt which is actually my mom's! She got it from her friend who has just came from Vancouver (Vancouver reminds me a lot about my chum :P). I mixed it with my navy-blue cardigan because it's the only thing that fits quite well. The only sparseness of the cardigan is just its short sleeves. I need cardigans with sleeves that cover until my wrist. Since it's made out of 100% Viscose, this cardigan is so comfortable and I like how it has long length. I didn't wear my green converse actually! I wore my topshop flannel shoes, and my green nylon tote.
Gradation Hijab, Vancouver Shirt, Topshop Cardigan, Thrifted Maxi Skirt, Green Converse

Welcome to Colour Me Fuchsia!

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Hello there! my name is Mila, I used to blog on Viva La Mode and I'd like to tell why I migrated to this blog...

First of all, I'd like to say thank you for being a loyal reader of Viva La ModeFor the new guest, Welcome to my blog! I hope you can enjoy this blog as well as I enjoy sharing my fashion and my life story here.

Viva La Mode was the place where I kept my uncovered styling and stuff. Now, it will be permanently off from updates. Since I was born Muslim (Alhamdulillāh), I must have been covered with hijab since the first day I had entered the puberty which means entering the adulthood too (there is no teenage stage in Islam). But I wasn't covered as I must have been to. Even it is a little later, I finally have strengthened my heart to be covered. 

I am so thankful to الله‎ to be finally given the strong feeling to wear hijab. I have been intended to wear hijab since my inspirational friend; Sabrina Raissa wore it earlier. But, I've always asked myself; "how can I have that strong faith to wear hijab?". I've always been in love with fashion; the world of dressing which universally has no limit. I was scared if I couldn't channel my fashion expressions if I wore hijab. Yes, how shallow I really was!

Then I googled "Hijab Style", and found Hana Tajima's Blog which I found inspiring! Her blog opened the other point of view that hijab can be fashionable too. I concluded that الله‎  gave one bright spot for me to wear hijab without leaving my interest to be experimenting with fashion. But I wasn't instantly covering myself. I was still uncovered while keep tracking to find the way to actually wear it. I like finding inspirations for hijab styling even though I didn't wear hijab at that time. 

It's overheard around my society that wearing hijab is only appropriate for the so called 'perfect', angelic (religiously and characteristically) women. We all know that angels are created to be الله‎ 's stable creature, and they are static whilst human are gifted with intelligence & desires that is influenced by appetency which leads man for making mistakes. I must admit that I don't possess angelic figure on its perfect definition at all. I think if I want to be closer to The All Merciful, why do I have to defer my times to be angelic to reach the purpose or, lets us say: fulfill the obligation wearing hijab? Everything needs process. And to be better at behaving, to always remember الله‎ , hijab is a sort of media that helps me to reach these goals step by step. To be covered is one of the guidances. Eventually, that special intuition (maybe we can call it as hidayah) came from an unexpected intermediary, and I forced myself to wear hijab without felt being forced :). This is why I named my secondary blog:

Colour Me Fuschia 
 Fuschia  is one of thousand colours I like. here is   Fuschia's  profile on Crayola's Colourcencus:
  • Hue Family: Purple
  • Year Introduced: 1990
  • Box introduced into: Box of 64
  • Personality traits for this hue: Majestic, Magical, Visionary, Royal, Intuitive
I found myself in this colour. Intuitive is an adjective that means spontaneously derived from or prompted by a natural tendency. This adjective is so related to how I started wearing hijab! "Natural Tendency" is the universally perfect description of how I started these all. I also can find myself as a visionary, royal, and magical girl! Haha~

Here is the interesting colourful stories of Fuchsia: Fuchsia is not pink or purple. And I love the "betweenness" of this colour. It is not so bright as to overpower but it is not in the shadow either. It's kinda pink, kinda red, kinda purple. I guess you've figured out that I kinda like fuchsia. I like the colour of purple, but it's normally a darker colour. Fuschia is bright, standout shade of purple.

Hopefully, I will be Istiqamah (as told by Sabrina, which means continual). I'm really hoping from my deepest heart to be covered until my last breathe I have on this earth. I'm hoping that I am given the chance to be a good Muslimah, can be the person who always do what الله‎  have commanded, and keep away from what الله‎  have banned. There are so many things I want to learn about Islam, apply the knowledge into my life, and insha Allāh spread the goodness through my actions. Personally, Islam has become the religion that makes me peaceful. Just like its meaning from the arabic root: peace, purity, submission and obedience. Islam also makes my life more alive. I feel so honoured to be a Muslim! And here's one of many reasons why do I feel honoured of being one:
Q.S Al-Baqarah 2:132
"Dan Ibrahim telah mewasiatkan ucapan itu kepada anak-anaknya, demikian pula Ya'qub. (Ibrahim berkata): "Hai anak-anakku! Sesungguhnya Allah telah memilih agama ini bagimu, maka janganlah kamu mati kecuali dalam memeluk agama Islam." 
in English:
"And Abraham instructed his sons [to do the same] and [so did] Jacob, [saying], "O my sons, indeed Allah has chosen for you this religion, so do not die except while you are Muslims."
I literally cried on the first time I read the meaning of that ayah. I couldn't believe that I am one of the chosen ones. Well, All Muslims are the chosen ones. So, be thankful for that. Please don't neglect this precious gift from الله‎ .

Because it also means something like this:
“He is the one who has selected you. Allah is saying, He sees something in you and He decided to give to you Islam. He sees something in you that qualifies you for struggling for Him. We are not Muslim because we were born into a Muslim family. We are not Muslim because we saw a YouTube video and decided to be Muslim, we are Muslim because Allah chose us. He chose us because we have something to offer to Him. He sees something in us, we don’t even see in ourselves.” 
- Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan 
 :') (updated on 22nd September 2012)

 p.s: On 4th June 2012, I've just realized that the word 'fuschia' I have typed here is actually misspelled x_x. It is actually should be spelled 'F U C H S I A'. Oh my, in the eleventh hour~ 

Photo credited to: Sabrina Raissa (Thanks Sash! XO)
edited by me

وَ السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Thank you for visiting or following my blog ^_^v