Some of My Favourite Things:

1. Surely, some coloured pens + the place to write on (the note books).
2. Feathered pens
and,(Row, Column)
3. (1,1) : Parahyangan International Relations from Danus Gintre designed by Tresna and I
4. (1,2) : My neon-yellow jelly pouch.
5. (1,3) : Portable mushaf Al-Qur’an
6. (2,1) : Portable tajwid Al-Qur’an » when I need to read the meanings & learn the tajwid
7. (2,2) : Inong Aceh keychain from Mr.Piyoh!
8. (2,3) : Favourite dhikr book (love its cover too!)
9. (3,1) : British India notebook.
10. (3,2) : Jelly lego notebook!
11. (3,3) : Another favourite notebook from Lenwa.


My order (below) just arrived today, so I'm making this post about my current storages for my stuff!
It's an envelope orange lucite clutch which came from my friend's label Stoffe. It fits my daily saviors which include a wallet, an iPod, a phone, an earphone, and a beng-beng (my current favourite chocolate wafer snack).   
A yellow neon jelly pouch which I usually use to contain my stuff like on the picture above, but without the wallet, and the beng-beng.
I had this pink lucite pencil case since I was in high school. I've been loving lucite stuffs since forever! Any form of lucite has been catching my eyes. I've been using this pencil case for something else, but when I found it again, it's useful to contain many stuff! I currently like to use coloured pens and they fit prettily in there. I also can put my "Parahyang International Relation" pin on the net inside it.  
I also have this WATER STORAGE (tumbler) since I was in high school. It's because of the environmental education I had there. I really got the benefit from it because it has helped me to be more aware for our environment. My teacher taught me not to use plastics in a high amount. We must to reduce our habit to use plastic. Especially when we buy bottles of drink. We better to bring our own drink with our own tumblers from home. Though I don't bring it as much as I did now, I think I want to start using this tumbler again! Let's be healthy and environmentally friendly! :)
Clear lucite storage. It contains my cute stuff which reveal my inner kid... Explained on the below picture.
These stuffs are making me happy! Those happy colours are really energizing. There are kinds of like "post-it" notes, bookmarks, animal cuts from cereal box, and two jelly bracelets I got from a friend in high school. But surely these help me to make bookmarks for some college studies. It really is a fun thing for me to stick them all! 

Wild-Life Inspired

I almost never put a 'full' make up this much for the daily. I usually just put some of them like really randomly. Today I have no college schedule so, I was suddenly wanting to try my make up on. I only used face powder, eye shadows, white eye liner, lipstick, and mascara though. Haha, it's quite fun.. to use real brushes here and there, not only on photoshop -- my first time putting my own simple make up -- please be advised, haha. I sometimes feel that I look silly with full make up, but this time, I feel like liking it! with the white eye liner, I feel like the make up making me look like a lioness.    

white eye liner inspired by the lioness!
Fashion Formula:
Zara TRF shirt + Black super-wide legged trousers + New Look scarf
I've never seen the scarf this way.. I'm just realizing that I'm sort of liking it more.

Outfit of the Day: Delighted by Pastels

Fashion Formula:
Thrifted buttons up + Yellow stretch trousers + Pale pink hijab + Neon yellow necklace + Nine West flats + Nude coloured socks + Birthday gift tote bag

Stylin’ and Smilin’!

Mila, from Bandung, Indonesia, is a trendy young lady who is not afraid to venture out into different fashion styles. Her colourful personality shines through on her blog.

Thanks Aquila, for featuring me as one of your Aquila's Picks! ^_^v
(inspired by Sketches of Mind post)

Hey, Hey, September!

(: السلام عليكم
Glad to be back! I missed blogging here oh so much.

First September already. And this week is my first week on the third semester at Uni (so long, three months holiday~). The last time I blogged was on 2nd August. Almost a month this blog has been neglected, whereas I have planned so many things to be posted on this blog. It was Ramadan, and I'm suffering a quite serious sickness. I could be looked healthy on the outside, but I need a long period of medication. So, I'd like to ask your prayer for my health, and for our health in general. Jazakumullah Khairan Katsiran Wa Jazakumullah Ahsanal Jaza (^_^). I personally feel thankful for these reminders from Allāh Swt. I believe that every test from Him will give us the best lesson for us to be a better person each day we're given. Ameen.

I've posted nothing on most of my social-media accounts (except twitter) about our Eid 1433H because of the unavailable internet connection for me during those days (I had my Eid in Jogjakarta). So, I wish we all have a nice one, and from my deepest heart, I humbly ask your forgiveness for every mistakes I've done. The most important is to keep our Ramadan spirit along the way to the next 11 months ahead until we meet the next Ramadan *in shaa Allāh.. if God Willing*. Ameen.

Today I had a day-out with my mom to a wedding party and continued to Paris Van Java (a mall in Bandung). Here are some snaps of the day:
Saw this billboard on my way to PVJ. This show used to be aired on local TV channel It makes me miss Ramadan so much! I used to watch this show almost every suhoor time. I watched this on MNC Muslim once (after Ramadan), but I don't know exactly the time schedule when will this be aired. Really touches my heart.. I cried on some parts of the show. How I wondered to live at the same era with Rasulullāh S.A.W. How the people struggled. How people echoed the Shahada.. *goosebumps*