Tour de Europe | De Oranje

Here comes the Volendam town; our very first destination located in the north of Holland. The town's architecture recalled my childhood memory of something that wasn't realistic; Doll's house, the scenes in one cartoon show, etc. The houses are organized well, and Volendam has cracked my perception about the view which I thought it's only existed in the toy land. 

Bandung's Mayor Election 2013

Salaam! :)

Yep, lets jump for awhile from the continuous post I had talked previously. Today's big event happened in my town is the mayor election! I'm quite excited about this because it's my prime time to use my own vote for the governmental election. And actually, it's also the first time for me to become aware about the governmental election throughout these years. I became aware that there were so many candidates for this year's mayor election in my town, and I also experiencing for the first time to faithfully support one of the candidates, without being dictated by the others. The freedom is mine, yippie! 

And I think most of the youths in this town are likely to prefer this creative guy because on these past months his campaign is appealing yet creative. The way he engaged the citizens through several mediums and especially social medias has made me easier to do my own research about himself. He also has collected numerous achievements which add more trust for the citizens towards him. There were several distrusts that tried to lower his prestige. When the others talked bad things about this candidate, I just thought, "Oh, c'mon.. to make oneself to be looked bad just does not work for me to change my belief. If you want to persuade me to your side, why don't you try to explain why your chosen candidate is simply better to be chosen". I don't want to talk a whole lot more about politic, or even things related to it because it is not (yet) the right space for me to talk about.      

Tour de Europe | Excursion Studies 2013

It has been almost two weeks since I got back from the excursion studies with my fellow colleagues. Excursion studies is a program held by the External Division of International Relations Student Association, with the purpose to have a brief trip for leisure and education. This year's destination was taken place around some parts of Europe with the theme: Exploring Non-Traditional Issues in International Relations. The countries are included the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Italy.  

This program has occurred for several years in this department, and the program itself has always been accompanied by the tenured lecturer within the department. Unfortunately, this year, our lecturer couldn't guide us throughout the trip due to some stumbling blocks related to the funding from the rectorate on the very last minuetes. At first, that is quite disappointing because the agenda to visit Universiteit van Amsterdam or the University of Amsterdam must be canceled. To have such official visit, we must have our own commensurate representation to the lecturer who was prepared to welcome our visit. Eventually, the show must go on, they say. The program was finally carried out by one tour leader, six program's committees, and nineteen participants (I am included in this group).

Here, I start off my own video documentation which is really amateur.. 

Since it was my first time to be out from the continent I've been living in, I had been documenting things quite excessively along the trip. I was supplied with two 32gb memory cards for the camera, brought notebook + pen wherever I went, some zipped plastic sheets, and an iPod for recording voices. And yes, to have  discovered a whole new world, I'm so grateful to have felt the breeze of a vibrant spirit inside of me that kept me awake of thoughts that fulfill my brain. Even more, when it comes to Europe; one relatively small continent that has bountiful both natural and man-made beauties, and it also has inscribed remarkable developed civilizations throughout history and remains a referral in many aspects until now.