Printing the Dreams

"I want to print those prada heels somewhere on my canvas/nylon tote or shirt since I can't afford 'em. They'll be my forever obsession~" Me, one year ago.
Dream Outfit // 29

I've always wanted to do my own print, but I don't know where to find my own transfer paper since I only googled them, and they're only available overseas. When I finally found it in this country, I was really glad to start my own dream to print my favourite images on wearable surfaces! So, here's my first project. Printing one of my most favourite image -- ever -- from Vogue US September 2006 issue.

Illustration Workshop

Dear Ramadhan, it's hard to believe a week of you has already passed. Please slow down. Sincerely, Me.
- Pearl Daisy Ltd
How come Ramadan has passed faster than I thought? I wish we can make the most of it! Ameen. 

I attended a free illustration workshop at Sekolah Tinggi Desain Indonesia (STDI) with Hutri today. At first, Hutri would like to join the tie die workshop, but it's only available another day whereas we wanted to join the workshop today. So, here we went. We firstly shocked when we arrived at the place because all the participants were guys  (but later, some ladies are joined in too -- yay!), and they were sharing about the manga illustrations. At first Hutri refused to enter the room, but I forced her because I was only halfway there, and all those guys have already seen me. Sooo, err.. it would be so awkward if I suddenly ran away. And then we joined in. Oh thanks GOD they didn't continue to discuss about all the manga thingy. The main material discussed about Norman Rockwell's illustrations. I haven't noticed this artist before because I am more into fine arts, but after I attended this workshop, I finally could feel how it's like to be an art student for a day. Discussing art pieces is like a long long story. It's a proof that a picture worth a thousand words. It was pretty refreshing to me because I hadn't had an art discussion for quite a long time, and it's the first time to me to draw on A5 sized paper, again! Art is no easy business. It needs another kind of intelligence to make, or even to understand art.