Morning Has Broken

"Mine is the sunlight, Mine is the morning, Born of the one light Eden saw play. Praise with elation, praise ev'ry morning, God's recreation of the new day."
Fashion Formula:
Graphic dress from Mangga Dua + Forever 21 Blazer + Black pashmina + Nike Sneakers + Zara sling bag

N°14 Rossetto

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Weekend Fun!

Fashion Flashback
What I wore 7 days ago.
Fashion Formula:
Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt + Marks & Spencer ombre cardigan + Dark teal blue maxi skirt from Pasar Baru + Black pashmina + Lacoste shopping bag + Green Converse 


These fashion pieces which made me go: "Oh, This is so me!"
I grabbed this skirt soon as I saw it when I was in Minimal store at Rumah Mode though, I know that it's seemed impossible for a hijabi to wear such knee-length skirt. I fell in love with its black polyester fabric, moreover.. it has these embellishments detail on its waist. Instant L.O.V.E. I tried it on with a black long trousers and a simple shirt. Imagining that the outfit would fit well if I worked at a fashion magazine. If I could find black polyester fabric, I would like to make one too but with a longer length.    

Then again, I am attracted to a jeweled cloth just at a glimpse. It's the Jewel Digital Print Tee from Topshop. This shirt has an opulent photo print that glams up an oversized tee. I've always liked these kind of jersey tee because it's really comfortable to wear and it's nice to paired up with most of any kind of outers such as blazers, cardigans, or jean jackets. 
Prada A/W 13 - "Some silhouettes and fabrics we recognized. Same with shoes (particularly the lug sole). The appetite for decoration signposted a signature Mrs. P herself defined as "a mix of rich and poor". Her collection proved the power of the dress as an accessory to a life. "Through cloth, you can really make movies," the designer conceded. The music from Betty Blue was on the soundtrack as an aural cue: fixation with beauty, romanticism run riot. "I'm obsessed with impossibilities," she continued. "Romanticism is forbidden. It's not 'modern.'" Tell that to David Lynch, or Alfred Hitchcock, or any of those filmic geniuses who stepped outside the "modern" to delve into the truly timeless with their celluloid paeans to those lost souls who sacrifice everything for obsession. And that's where Miuccia Prada went today (21/02/2013). If fashion is ultimately an emotion, she pinned it to the wall for good and all." -Tim Blanks on Review

"Makeup artist Pat McGrath fleshed out the story line a bit more. "We were obsessed with the contrast of rich and poor," she said, stressing the word "undone" when describing the beautiful burgundy-stained mouths she was drawing in darker toward the center of models' lips and then diffusing outward with a clear balm. "It's the shadow of formerly amazing makeup," she continued of what were essentially traces of pigment, including a gray tone on lids, that were used to mimic the animated shadows of tiny-waisted women (and cats) that had been projected onto the walls of Mrs. Prada's runway. When asked about the growing prevalence of slate and asphalt smoky shadows this season, instead of more standard black incarnations, McGrath admitted that they're not the easiest colors to wear. "It needs to be transparent to give it more depth," she said, adding a greasy shine with "tons" of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as well as multiple licks of mascara on top and bottom lashes." - Celia Ellenberg on Review

The look worn by Hanne Gaby and that stained mouth is winning over me. Enough said. 

Bali | Day 4

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Bali | Day 3

Made with Love

As I arrived at home from college this evening, I soon grabbed my camera to capture the sun rays that were shone beautifully. The weather today gave me the warmth that could calm my soul unlike those days like yesterdays which have been descended by the rain and the gale.  

The Bali Vibe

Fashion Flashback
Got that 'Bali' vibe in chilly Bandung
on Monday, 14th January 2013 

Fashion Formula:
Bali tie dyed shirt from Krisna + Thrifted gray maxi skirt + Turquoise pashmina + White sandals from Giovanni + Ikat bag from Krisna
Inside my bag:
  1. Power bank
  2. GSM Phone
  3. The Happiness Project book by Gretchen Rubin
  4. Academic guidance book
  5. Clear binder from Muji
  6. Ikat phone case (souvenir from a wedding party)
  7. Stationaries case
  8. Wallet
Actually, the sling bag I wore for this outfit was bought in Bali about three years ago when I joined the comprehensive study with my high school friends. The outer of the bag is still in a good condition, but the inner side is too frail. I think the producer of this bag should change the fabric quality for the inner side.