Indonesia's Fashion

Yesterday, I played dress up in order to brainstorm about what to wear for a competition I'm interested to join in. My friend tagged me this picture on facebook. Since it's requiring a form in a picture, I feel like I should take an experience to join. The theme must be 100% Indonesia, and what came up on mind towards is the fabric which my mom bought when she went to Makassar, Indonesia. And its brand is Hajah Sekang. (I think she has a fancy style, hasn't she?)
she really knows my fancy for colourful and ikat pattern stuff. HONESTLY, I'm still indecisive with what to wear.. I haven't really clicked with this outfit. I don't know, any suggestion or opinion? The deadline is on 6th February. If you're also interested to join this, you may visit this site to get a whole lot more informations. :) 
jilbab and outfit details
I'm also thinking about wearing Balinese udeng! I really like its pattern. And it's actually meant for hindu man's religious hat. I don't know if I can't wear this. Because to me.. it seems like a crown

And now.. I am confused. I might be too excited for both college and this kind of stuff.


  1. cara bikin jilbab begitu gimana yah kak?

  2. martabakcoklat

    Assalamu'alaikum! makasih ya udah berkunjung ke blog ku, kamu yang dari instagram kan? ^_^
    insha Allaah kalau sempat aku buat tutorialnya yaa..