Girls Day Out

On 2nd June, I really had a fun day with my girls; Annisa, Hasna, Melinda, and Lestari. We went to PVJ to get our needs for the prom tomorrow. We really needed a girls day out! ;)
I love Annisa's asymmetrical shirt.
She's so beautiful, isn't she?
There was a peacock at PVJ!!! I bet the owner of PVJ must be a bird lover too, like I am :D
And they gave me these fashionable + cute cupcakes too for my birthday last May.
Thank you girls! It's too cute to eat, but I ate it anyway,
and it's so yummy!
With Hasna, and Melinda (Lestari went earlier so I didn't have a picture with her!)

Here's what I wore:
Did you see any resemblances on them?
But the real Dior Joaillerie is definitely too impossible for me ;(
Fashion Formula:
Ikat dress + Zara pale-pink cardigan + thrifted belt + Guess watches + Converse + Mango bag + Dior joaillerie-ish ring (the one I've told you before :P) + Minimal knitted shawl

The dress was custom-made. My mother bought the fabric from Yogyakarta (since she knows that I like ikat pattern), and I brought it to the tailor. It was a self-designed dress. It's really comfortable, and perfectly fit for my body. and I'm scared if I couldn't take it off. Because the day before I wore it too ^_^. We went to Ace Hardware and then I realized how much I like that store as much as I like Ikea...
Faux Flowers
Hello Fuschia!
These Nextime watches are incredibly good and expensive
Too bad! ;(

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