Repost: Hijab? or Jilbab?


So, I was wondering what's the difference between Jilbab and Hijab after Fiminin mentioned the 'tulle jilbab' on their blog. I wonder if there is any difference?! And now I found it out...
Hijab (comes from the root words giving reference to) that which conceals, hides, conceals from sight, to keep private, seclusion. Thus, in context of religion, hijab refers to that woman who covers her face and conceals herself from strangers.

Jilbab: a garment, a dress. Usually that type of attire which conceals the shape of a person’s body. ‘Jilbab’ is usually worn by woman that adheres to the advice Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) gave his blessed family regarding its necessity. From the ayah of the Quran we learn that women are to uphold the jilbab as a religious injunction. It also helps to ward of the stares of strangers as the shape of a dignified person.

Men are also called upon to be modest in their presentation of the human self as well.

The correct way to wear the hijab as defined above would be to wear clothing that would not expose the shape of any part of the body to a stranger. Hijab would be inclusive of the niqab (face covering.) The correct way to wear the hijab would differ. It would depend on safety issues, visibility, environment, level of comfort, etc. The concept and function of hijab would however remain constant.

Jilbab would be inclusive of the above definition of hijab with the exception of face covering.

Our preference at all times is modesty, regardless of whether a person chooses the hijab or jilbab mode of dress.

Allah Certainly Knows best. 

I usually use the word 'hijab' instead of 'jilbab' but I think from now on, I'll prefer the word jilbab. Because I frankly don't cover my face.


  1. helloo milla! masya Allah thank you also for mentioning FMN on your blog!
    glad u've learn what's the difference, yet maybe you haven't read our post about this issue, link :
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  2. hi mila i love viva-la-mode but i really glad that you're wearing hijab right now. Alhamdulilah...Can i share this article on my blog?? :)

  3. u look prettier with hijab, subhanallah! :)

  4. fiminin
    OMG, fiminin commented on my blog O__O -> shocked

    Yes! I haven't read that one... thanks a lot for mentioning me, it's adding more knowledge, indeed. loving the post! :)
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    Hello Aty! Alhamdulillah you liked it :). Ofcourse! anyone can share this... I'd be glad if you do.

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    ilya syafeena khalil
    Alhamdulillah Ilya, All praise is due to Allah :D