Firstly, I found this picture on my tumblr dashboard. And I was instantly enamored with the portrait of that women. I usually saved my favourite pictures if I really really liked them. And this painting is definitely one of them. I like to make those pictures as desktop background or walpaper on my phone or iPod. And then, when I decided to put this on my blackberry messenger display picture, I slowly start to think that I looked like her (you wish, Mil.. LOL). Except her blue eyes, of course. Yeah, I felt like the mole under her left eye is just like mine (I don't know whether she had mole on her right cheek too), those black eyebrows also remind me of mine (though mine aren't as neat as hers), my cheekbones are also prominent like hers, and I'm open mouthed also. I'm such an open mouthed girl even when I'm quiet. I have an overbite upper teeth that makes me so. My mom always tells me to keep my mouth closed or sealed! She would be like: "Mila! close your mouth! (Mingkem! heeeem)" I just didn't do it purposely. I need extra effort to make my mouth sealed. Haha. And my elder sister also happen to tell me that the women on that painting looked like me! Weird. I've heard something like this: "we have three twins in this world, who have some similarities with our face". I think I believe that. I've seen some people look pretty the same like others, and so on. Whether our twins would be three or more,  it's still remaining as God's mystery.. Wallahu a’lam :). So, could she be one of my twins? I just personally think so.

I've just realized that this painting is one of Gustav Klimt's artwork. Gosh! his name could be seen on that painting. I have been crushing on his artworks all this time. The first time I saw his artwork is on Harper's Bazaar way back when issue (I was in senior high school at that time). The name of the painting is "Adele Blochbauer I” (below). They have this amazing spread with Julien Ann Moore on portraying the ladies of the paintings! Such a great concept. You can check out more images of the spread here. I like the painting style of Gustav's Klimt except for some of his artworks that show nudity, I don't fancy nudity. 
Here, I make the hijabbed version of the women. I feel like making a shot that portray this painting. Haha.
Talking about paintings, I slowly to have some interests on them after watching a tv show on BBC Knowledge named "Fake or Fortune". It discussed about lost or rare paintings. It's a ding-dong journey to find out the mysteries of those paintings, and how much a painting could cost! Amazing. I don't pretty much know all about the painting business, but I think it's really interesting. I enjoy when some painting experts explain the motions and emotions over a painting. It's just like, 'a picture paints a thousand words'. 

I wanted to visit a monographic exhibition at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. Too bad! I missed the opportunity to come to the solo exhibition of Raden Saleh's paintings. Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman (1807 or 1811 - April 23, 1880) is one of the best known painters from Indonesia and a pioneer of modern Indonesian art. He was considered to be the first modern artist from the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), and his paintings corresponded with nineteenth-century romanticism which was popular in Europe at the time. He also expressed his cultural roots and inventiveness in his work. (source)

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