HFW Day 4 - Destinations

If you could go anywhere for fun, where would you go and what would you wear?

Traveling is such a perfect gateway from the crowd of daily's life. Since I'm in my holiday now, I really feel the 'breeze' of this theme.. yet, I haven't traveled anywhere but a town nearby named Cirebon. I had a fantastic two days there, Alhamdulillaah. I really want to travel around Indonesia. Especially to one of my hometown; Banda Aceh, and then.. Jogjakarta, Semarang, Tanah Toraja, Lombok, and so many places around Indonesia which have exotic and beautiful natures that need to be explored. OMG, I really wish to become a person whose job is traveling.. one day, insha Allaah ♥. When we're going to tropical places, we must be accompanied with comfortable, light, and easy-to-wear apparel, due to the hot weather. But still, we can stay modest as well. I also choose my leather backpack to carry my things for traveling. It is practical to contain my DSLR camera, laptop, books, and everything to documenting the journeys. A pair of comfy shoe is also a must!      
Fashion Formula:
Gap buttons up shirt + Marni for H&M trousers + Love, Diva necklace + Camel coloured socks + Vincci oxfords + Levi's black leather backpack + Black pashmina
Thank God that I am not so tall. This trousers were created to be mid-calf pants for people whose height is somewhat 1.7m. Since I'm not that tall (I forgot the numeric calculation of how tall I am), I am able to wear this just like a long trousers! *horray* Marni for H&M collections were really really gorgeous.  Surely as a fan of Consuelo Castiglioni's designs, I am thrilled with all the layerings-do, prints, and so many things that were shown on their lookbook. These trousers are really comfortable to wear. Its material is light, and it has elastic bandage on its waist. It really fits for travelling, comfortable to keep on moving from one place to another place, but still manages to look stylish.

Traveling Formula:      
Aku bahagia.. di khatulistiwa~

translation: I am blithesome.. in the equator line~ 


  1. nice~ looks so comfortable

  2. i love this style mila.. especially your trousers! <3