HFW Day 6 - Date Night

Hmmm… I must confess that I actually am really excited to work on this post! It's not because I have a crush on someone, LOL (Alhamdulillāh). So, I’m going to share some part of my love life here. Even though that I have never been on a date with a man before, I surely am just like a normal girl who dreams to have a leader in her life who can guide herself and insha Allāh their future family to the Jannah, aamiin. A figure that is called 'the husband'. Rasulullah have said that: 
“Nikah (marriage) is my Sunna. He who shuns my Sunna is not of me.” 
So, it must be really beautiful to follow the Sunna, and being married is also a form of worship to Allāh. What a wonderful term it is. 

For some people in my society, perhaps my love life is categorized as crunchy, plain, and boring. I thought the same thing at first, because I haven’t known about islam deeper and deeper. But throughout the time, throughout experiences, I got the enlightenment, Alhamdulillāh. Loving Allāh is way much much more beautiful than trying to get loved by human beings. Allāh, no doubt; will love us back, as long as we become the person who performs His commands, insha Allāh. But actually, even though we didn’t ask Him… our realism in this world is already a form of the blessing from Him. How we’re protected by Him through nights and days, how we’re given adequacy from Him, how the sustainability of the nature has been designed perfectly fit for us, for example the frequency range of human hearing. We were designed to hear the frequency that begins from 20 Hz up to 20.000 Hz. How if we could hear all the sounds surround us? how it will be tiresome? Everything has been designed very well by the Most Perfect Designer of all. There are so many things that we don’t realize as blessings… because there are too much, and we’re too focused to have the worldly life.


 Surat Ar-Raĥmān (The Beneficent) 55: 1-13 

The Most Merciful. Taught the Qur'an, Created man, [And] taught him eloquence. The sun and the moon [move] by precise calculation, And the stars and trees prostrate. And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance. That you not transgress within the balance. And establish weight in justice and do not make deficient the balance. And the earth He laid [out] for the creatures. Therein is fruit and palm trees having sheaths [of dates]. And grain having husks and scented plants. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Alhamdulillāh for Rasulullāh S.A.W, and the Noble Qur'an.

But still, I’m longing for someone. Longing to meet that man whose name is written to be my partner in the Lauh Mahfudz. By now, I only can send him some prayers, and I also ask Allāh to protect him to be always in the right way, guide him, and convey my longing regards in any way that he might understands. Insha Allāh, we’re both are now revising ourselves to be a better person, and Allāh Knows best when will we're going to meet. Either in this dunya, or the akhirah. Wallahu a’lam bish shawabi, Allah knows best/better know the rightness. So, if we are permitted to meet in this dunya, surely I’d like to be his best friend for the rest of his life. And in connection with this post, I ensure that we should manage some dates to keep the relation romantic! Haha, that what the couples do. Okay, after the long intro, here’s my ideal date. Well, I actually dream of having a more adventurous date. Maybe we can go to a place that is quite far from the downtown. I want to go to Bosscha Observatory, in Lembang. I wished to go there with him, see the night skies using the telescopes that are facilitated there, and do other things we can do there whilst remembering the greatness of Allāh S.W.T. And we're going to have a late delightful dinner in a place, seeing the lights of the downtown afar. Haha! Okay, okay... At least I can dream right? So here's what I'm going to wear.

Fashion Formula:
White shirt + Thrifted yellow blouse + Escrava tribal printed maxi skirt + White pashmina + Bag from Aceh + Tracce sandals + p.s: sorry I didn't wear the socks because I was in hurry :(

my current favourite make up: white eye liner!

So, who are you going to be, future hubby?

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