Red Radiance

Fashion Formula:
Et Cetera buttons up + Burgundy separated sleeves + Burgundy Hijab + Mango acid washed jeans (rolled up) + Mango bag (isn't showed on pictures) + Payless necklace, silver rings, and loafers + Blue ring from Mangga Dua
I had a lovely afternoon walk with my mom after I've finished my Pancasila examination at college today. It was really refreshing though my examination week will be ended on Thursday (but tomorrow is a day off *yay* *breathing*). When she picked me up, in the car I said that I was hungry... and my mom was doing a mind reading to me when I said that I'm totally clueless to be asked where to eat (always). Then she knew that I wanted to eat at pepper lunch though I didn't mention anything about it (creepy). And finally I could eat my favourite menu there which is salmon pepper lunch (but without pepper). Alhamdulillah! We're just like some best friends having their girls time. Thanks for everything mama! ♥ 


  1. Hi.It is my first time to your blog.Well,your style is adourable n gorgious n it inspired me about fashion a lot!

  2. FanaFiniFina
    Salaam sister ^_^
    Alhamdulillah, I hope we can bring positivities to each other, criticism or suggestions would be welcomed too.

  3. Salam sis, this style i like =) lOoks gr8!

  4. aleyah

    Wa'alaikumsalam sister.. Alhamdulillaah ^_^
    thanks for the visit!