Breaking Dawn

Last Thursday (08-12-11) I went to the cinema to watch the film Breaking Dawn with my best friend; Nisa. I'm not into twilight saga so much. But Nisa was so excited to watch it because it's filmed in her favourite town; Vancouver, and she's into films with romance genre. 

We're such an opposite. She was hardly to keep silent while watching it even when the film was just started. And I was like *please calm down*. It's really different when we're watching the animated film; Bolt at the cinema long long time ago. I cried at some parts. And she was like *what the...*. I thought that the storyline is so touching and she's just wondering how could that animated things could be that touching, especially that it's a children's film.

I don't think Breaking Dawn was a good film but we really liked Bella's gown at her wedding and kept discussing about it while it was being showed *neighbor must have been annoyed* *sorry!*, and the garden party wedding settings was SO. EXTREMELY. DREAMY. The film also made us want to have a curtain lamp for our bedrooms and learn to play chess (!) Nice talks we had too about life. That's maybe why we're so inseparable since we were in junior high school.  
Fashion Formula:
Zara black long sleeves + Topshop sleeveless shirt + Marks & Spencer trousers + Zara sling bag + Sox Gallery socks + Giovanni flatforms + Maysaa navy chiffon scarf snood


  1. I’m not also a fan of Twilight, but I like the Breaking Dawn, and one thing that I really like about this movie is their wedding. The venue, the dress and everything in the wedding scene are so amazing.

    *high five* Girls will always adore beautiful wedding moments. :))