Chilly Bandung

My Bandung has been showing its real identity these days. It could be rainy and breezy at some parts of the days. Some layers would help me to get through the days, since I've caught the cold. Today I'm happy for getting stuff I've been searching for. Which are something dark shaded red (e.g: maroon), something dark shaded green, and flatforms!. And today I've got them (Yay!). And here is a mix I did which suits the weather today.    
Fashion Formula:
Zara long sleeved black shirt + X.S.M.L parka + Maroon maxi skirt (from Pasarbaru) + Maroon cotton jilbab (from Pasarbaru) + Giovanni flatforms (which exactly look like Derek Lam's)

Turban twist inspired
Derek Lam's Knockoffs 
Derek Lam's flatforms
Emerald City nail polish from Revlon ♥
Richard Avedon by Jacques-Henri Lartigue

~I'm inspired by Mr. Avedon's jumpy shot~
Though the weather is making me freeze, let's get warm up and fill the day with joy!


  1. tutorial efek potonya dunk, bagus bgt^^

  2. Maya Irmayanti
    Makasih ^_^
    InshAllah, udh dimasukin to-do list ya requestnya :)