The Year of Blu

How I wished time could stay still while I'm blogging... I've been away from this activity for many amazing reasons Allah Have Given me these past weeks. Some are college stuff, and the other is because I've got stricken with two illness at the same week, both came on Saturdays. Firstly is the pain I feel on my calves, and then I've gone through appendicitis surgery. All the inconveniences I felt at the first time are replaceable with the cognitions I feel these days. I've been learning, experiencing valuable lessons I couldn't learn either at college or school. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb. I started to realize that these inadvertence (which I'm currently experiencing) are really like 'something', something really wonderful that even human can't engineer. I constantly can't stop thinking about all these amazements about the life I am in right now. But now it's all about how I take, and process all the 'gifts' that have been given to me. Honestly, I'm still  technically disorganized in objectifying things. I'm on my way learning these stuff. So many precious things I haven't figured out which I couldn't say one by one. But the one I truly am touched is by the love of my family, how their attention and affection is endless.

Aaaaand yesterday! I received the package of a dream of my life (ha! sounds exaggerating). Yeah, the wonderful scarves from Maysaa which came in navies and creams were safely arrived to my -(well actually my parent's)-(but actually Allah's)-(none of our belongings are 'actually' ours)- home -(intelligibility, my parent's home). I've been dreaming about this moment all day long since I had ran out of the black version. Thanks a lot to my papa who has ordered them for me. (#nowsinging My heart belongs to daddy - Lisa Ekdahl). Not only the happiness of the cuttings and fabrics that gave me, but also Maysaa's service which I could say: "it's all good".
Yes, I am pleased :)

With the help of the medicine I currently consume, I can walk normally. [Seriously, I'm still clueless about this illness (the one besides appendicitis)] So, today I could hang out with my mom and my little brother. And I think I had a lovely day. Here are some images of it:
current repeat: 
Ester Dean & Carlinhos Brown - Let Me Take You to Rio 
(This is the movie which making me realize that why this year is so Blu, Blu, and Blu)
Liking mom's brooch 
(We found something blu again on this post)
I always have space in my heart for Prada Spring 2008.
This image still inspires me. 
That's why I chose this to be printed on my phone.
The front look (quite failed)
(My phone is a liquid blu coloured, by the way)
Some of my favourite rings.
Photo by my bro! :)
I'm quite proud of this because he could take a clear and 'focus' image in spite of the dysfunctional (a.k.a broken) auto-focus mode on my only one camera lense.
( A man wearing blu shirt on the back!)
(A tailor-man wearing blu polo shirt on the back!) 
October = Halloween
My bro reading his favourite book.
Fashion Formula:
Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt + Mango buttons down shirt + Topshop trousers + Denim Converse + Paris Hilton bag + Maysaa chiffon scarf snood
(Navy blu scarf)


  1. I love your pictures :) such a lovely blog that's why I have you an award !

  2. I love Converse too :)
    my friends said that I'm too old to wear those kind of shoes, but I dont care ;)

  3. love the outfit, it totally look so comfortable. You've got a rock chic look and sometimes it's nice to showcase a tougher look.

    a shout out from your Filipino follower

  4. Hunny
    Alhamdulillah...! Thanks a lot sister :D

    hello cb
    Converse has its own style to make one look become 'casually cool', hasn't it? they're hardly to go out from style..

    mashAllah, you have an amazing style, sister!
    so bold and edgy!