Forever Prada

“To put opposites together is a real obsession for me. When something is matching, I’m desperate.”  
 Miuccia Prada 
The word 'Prada' may lead your thought to the world of high fashion, or maybe a film called 'The Devil Wears Prada' too. This brand has its role to influence the movements in the fashion industry. It has tremendous part too in influencing the love for fashion to myself. It's all started when I bought my first teenvogue 5 years back then with my favourite model ever; Gemma Ward on its cover. And when I saw the image of her on prada's campaign (below), I've been falling for it 'til present time.    

And this Spring 2006's campaign also mesmerizing. Pale look, white cat, cyclamen lips , gray high-knee socks, those were one of the most timeless styles Prada has ever had.  
I'm also inspired by her lookbooks. Anyone who has been hired by her for making these lookboks are amazing zing zing zing to me. Here's just a few of Prada lookbooks' illustration which I found inspiring. All the clashes were amazing yet such a beautiful work of art.
I adore her inspiration from insects to the form a pair of beautiful heels. 
(as seen on trembled blossoms video)
At some points, what this brand has created may confuse some people (including me), but actually they leave the explanation to another day which made me say:
"She can do no wrong" 
Her other line Miu Miu also another form of magic in fashion. And actually, I've been unconsciously adore her since 663 days ago I posted - this - on my twitpic. 

The Prada Influenced
These colour blocking socks are amazing!
movie stills from Prada Motion Book
An edited Prada's illustration
"Trembled Blossoms"
A touch from spiralling Spring 2011
Chillin out at Iris Apfel's Appartment with Sabrina Raissa

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