Happy Birthday, MOM!

eid mīlad sa'aīd, Mother! :)
We Have a Beautiful Mother

"We have a beautiful mother

her green lap, immense
her brown embrace, eternal
her blue body, everything we know"

-Alice Walker

The picture of  a much younger version of my mother and I was taken by my father. I was about 4 months old, mom says. I can't say not even a word how much I really love my mother. With her I feel safe, I feel warmed, I feel loved. I want to make her happy and comfortable for I have existed. Thanks, Mom. 

Dad, Me, and Mom
Ya Allah, thanks for the gifts (a.k.a parents) You Gave me.
Allahumma Rabbir Hamhumaa Kama Rabbayaanee Sagheeraa 
Oh my Creator! Have mercy on both of them (my parents) as they have brought me up (with love) from childhood.

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