"Why Does Evil Exist: Hardships and Struggle on the Path to Allah"

"But in order to get this… You know, this is something infinite. Now, we don’t live forever in this life. We live for a limited amount of time. We only have a limited amount of capacity. We spent… I mean when you go and you look at how many years of our life we’ve spent sleeping, how many years of our life we’ve spent eating, or doing other things, we can only… really, possibly worship Allaah S.W.T a very limited amount of time. And yet, in exchange for that, if we do that, we get something infinite. You know when you guys to the store, and you get something on sale, but I’m not just talking about sale like, like a major clearance you know, supposed something cost like a thousand dollar, and you paid a penny for it. You’d be pretty happy, you’d be like ‘that’s a deal’… right? Ya, you’d be like ‘I got the deal’. Well, this isn’t something that costs thousand dollars. This is something that infinite. Someone should just imagine, something infinite and you’re paying a penny for it. Really…? Cause if you think really about what Allaah S.W.T is asking from you, in exchange for it, you get something infinite, something that no money could ever buy, something that you didn’t actually deserve, but you get it because of the Mercy of Allaah S.W.T. And the greatest, again the greatest, reward, is imagine that you actually get to be with Allaah S.W.T. And you actually get to see Allaah S.W.T. That’s the greatest reward of Jannah."
Masha Allaah! This is a very inspiring video indeed, shall we never despair striving for Jannah! :')  

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