Fan Shob!

I am currently reading a book that is entitled: Fan Shob! - Jangan Hanya Diam by Harri Ash-Shiddiqie. On its papers, you could see so many bookmarks I put there. There are so many insightful, and opening sights that could boost our awareness about the duty of being a muslim. May the writer be rewarded with equal goodness. Aamiin.    

These are two of many many many paragraphs that I like on this book. It's printed on page 192.  

"Berbeda dengan seseorang yang memiliki kesadaran berharganya anugerah hidup. Ia menghayati kegembiraan karena nyawa masih melekat, masih diberi kesempatan menghirup udara dunia, kegembiraan yang mengendap jauh di dalam hati. Ia bisa melihat cakrawala merah ketika matahari meninggalkan senja. Ketika seribu seriti berduyun pulang ke rumah, ketika adzan meraba seluruh rongga alam dan rongga dada.

Setiap kesadaran itu datang, kegembiraan berubah menjadi rasa syukur: masih bisa memandang langit, masih sempat bertemu matahari. Kegembiraan itu tak bisa lekang. Tak bisa berkurang, semakin dirasakan rasa syukur itu, kesadaran itu semakin dalam, kegembiraan sekaligus kedamaian semakin menghujam. Kegembiraan yang damai berangsur-angsur berubah menjadi perasaan bahagia. Kebahagiaan yang ada di setiap helaan nafas memicu rasa syukur berikutnya untuk kemudian semakin meneguhkan kedamaian dan kebahagiaan."

and I'm sort of trying to translate it into English
pardon me for the imperfection ^_^ 

"It’s different with a person who has sentience of how valuable the grace of life is.  They would appreciate happiness because their soul is still attached to life, is still given the chance to breathe the air of this world, it’s a happiness that settles in the heart. They’re still be able to see the red horizon when the sun left evening. When thousand of birds’ flocks fly back home, when the call to prayer (Adhan) touches nature’s cavity, and chest cavity.

Every realization that come, each of the happiness we feel changes into shukr (the term of denoting thankfulness, gratitude):  still be able to look at the sky, still have an opportunity to meet the sun. That kind of excitement cannot be cracked. Can’t be reduced. The more we perceived gratitude; awareness is growing in, we could feel the excitement as well as peace more and more loaded in.  The joy of peacefulness would gradually transform into a feeling of the true happiness. The joy that existed in every breath we take would trigger further gratitude to strengthen the peacefulness and happiness"   

He has described what I've been feeling these days. An imperishable kind of happiness would never be founded in materialistic stuff. Happiness itself is what we brought up to ourselves, and it's becoming more real when we could share happiness to each other. Seeking the truth by diving into the islamic teachings  has truly bring me a peacefulness. When we're passing through difficulty: be patient. When we're passing through happiness: be thankful. Bersabar, dan bersyukur. 


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