Giovanna Battaglia has the charm in her personal styling. Even to the most casual look, she could pull off an extra ordinary style. Let's take a look on her two styles which also could inspire hijabbed girls.
  1. On a monochromatic printed dress, mix it with matching accessories. For an example; we could put on our plain coloured hijab with a matching couloured bag.  Gio's trademark is having her edgy watches and some charm bracelets circling on her wrists. That's always been a nice touch to present our own signature style even for the formal events.
  2. On the second look, maybe we could put on our simple coloured abaya with a twist of a different colour fabric which is tied with a simple knot on the front. Voila! there would be more texture on the clothes we wore. For a sleek look, try to wear simple hijab too. Don't choose the patterned ones. For the hijab, we can pick the same colour palette with the fabric we chose to wore. Edgy, simple necklace, and a big clutch could more characterizing this look.

Hanne-gaby Odiele! She's always been having the most striking, artsy personal style among the models. Let's take a look to some of it!
  1. Black lips, dark top, edgy necklace...! So freaking awesome. This one isn't her personal style though, it must be a look from a runway show which whose I don't know.
  2. I think the mixed printed top she wore is from Dries Van Noten, the bottom might be from Dries too. It's really nice if you can mix different patterns on one look, because it's a hard job to pull off that kind of look.
  3. Dries and dries again! I also have a thing for Mr. Noten's fashion creations. I like the character of his style's essence. And look! how lovely it is fuschia trousers mixed up with some forest' greens.. These prints are magnificent. I wish I could print my own fabrics.. haha. 
  4. Blue wide leg jeans, yellow mustard top, and psychedelic printed Dries Van Noten's coat. Sweet combination.
  5. 90's sweater, wide leg patch worked jeans, and a pair of penny loafer. This is so applicable for a college look.
  6. Bright red coat combined with bright blue super wide trousers! This is truly a bold combination. I love the silhouette of this look.

What a dress! it's maxi, and bird prints on it? awesome..! Maybe it should go into my closet.

 Golden Styles 

I don't know why, I just have a thing for these 'style masters' looks, looking so stylish, artistic, and fun at their age, though these looks aren't so applicable for the hijabbed girls. No wonder, because Carla has a long career at the fashion industry, and Lucinda is the fashion editor of British Vogue. 

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