Colours of the Month

Junisa Arini of Life Euphoria

Zihan Syarif of Autumnude

Fatin Atiqah of In My Shawls
Pop art scarf from Janeeta Scarf

Masha Allāh, such lovely girls, aren't they? Their looks are like candy to my eyes. From the gorgeous tribal printed hijab that Junisa has, Candy colours of Zihan's look, enchanting scarf of Dian Pelangi's which Hutri has, adorable mix up did by Fatin, and the last is the pop art scarf from Janeeta Scarf which has been sold out, unfortunately. By this means, 2012 is all about tribalistic prints, soft, candy colours, and striking-colours-mix-up. Thanks for my friends who have let me to put on their pictures on my blog! Much hugs and kisses! 

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