Repost: 33 Dawah Ideas For Women

Women play a major role in the construction and reformation of society. InshAllāh, sisters in Islam can take some ideas from these tips.
  1. Start islamic classes or book clubs in the home; spreading the teachings of Islam to neighbours and friends. 
  2. Offer tasty meal's to neighbour's (or family, if you are a revert) with a card mentioning hadith, ayah's of The Quran or an inspirational quote from a trusted scholar. 
  3. Start a blog or website and post islamic information and reminders. 
  4. Supporting, helping and encouraging your husband to continue dawah work. 
  5. Teaching Qur’an and tajweed to children and women.
  6. Create a support group for revert sister's in the mosque or islamic centre. 
  7. Start an SMS/Email/Facebook network to share useful reminders. 
  8. Counseling women and children and helping them with their problems and emotional issues. The counseling should be Islamic Counseling i.e. based on Qur’an and Sunnah, with knowledge of psychology and therapy.
  9. When out in public, act as a Muslim should. Don't tell them you're a Muslim, show them.
  10. You may want to research characteristic's and manner's of a Muslimah or read The Ideal Muslimah first. 
  11. Writing Islamic articles and books.
  12. Starting a magazine especially for sisters.
  13. Have patience and listen. Especially if you are a revert yourself you know how long your personal journey took so take it easy on other's inshAllah.
  14. Hand out dawah leaflet's and booklet's via iERA, One Reason Dawah gift box, IPCI or The Dawah Package at the women's gym, to parent's on the school playground...or even leave a few on the bus/train for people to stumble upon 
The complete list can be downloaded here. (the free PDF by Umm 'Eesaa)

Reposted from here.

p.s: I've been reposting stuff a lot these days because I can read and reread them much easier if I posted them here, and it would be so much better if what I've been reposting could make some advantages for the others too. Here, I'm not trying to owning these writings. I'm just in the position to spread the words. And I've also had credited the source where I got their writings.  

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