Made with Love

As I arrived at home from college this evening, I soon grabbed my camera to capture the sun rays that were shone beautifully. The weather today gave me the warmth that could calm my soul unlike those days like yesterdays which have been descended by the rain and the gale.  

Fashion Formula:
X.S.M.L buttons up shirt + Mango cardigan + Muji wide legged jeans + Black scarf + Lacoste shopping bag + Lace flat shoes from Krisna (they only costed Rp 27.500,00!)
By the evening, I went to Istana Plaza with my mother and my little brother. Gladly, we visited one of the cutest store I have ever knew which is named "Made with Love". It supplies for the scrapbooking needs. I was very exited the first time I knew this store on early this year. Alhamdulillāh, my mom let me buy some of the stuffs there. I plan to make a creation with my little brother with a 'school' theme with a hope that he might be more eager learning at school, and a project of my own. I chose the girly-vintage ornaments, and a houndstooth tape! Mom chose herself a tropical ornament because it has a scarlet macaw ornament, and a very gorgeous peacock ornament. I also have collected myself some tapes that are garden themed, and one pack of three slim tapes. I can't resist their overrated cuteness. Though I've been enjoying to scrapbooking for years, I have never used the objects as sophisticated as these before. And hopefully, the next scrapbooking project will be exciting!

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