Miraculous Colours

Junisa from Life Euphoria and I have planned to make a photoshoot since last year, but we finally made it into realization on the last 4th January. The theme was inspired from the spring/summer 2013 colours which we looked up to here. When Jujuy asked me which colours I would pick, surprisingly.. we chose the same palettes! which are cool and warm colours. And then, for the first outfit unintentionally we picked the same combo. A maxi dress and a sweater though they are distinct. These unintended similarities between us reminded me about the exactly the same quote we posted from a book. I posted it here, and Jujuy posted it on here. We are probably a long lost twin.  

There are three sessions for this photoshoot. The first one is for the levitation themed. We made our looks looked homy, so we paired a maxi dress with a sweater and socks. We did what girls would do when they hung out at one's home. Such as mix and matching clothes (photo is not featured here), read fashion-tutorial books (our picks are Hijab Style by Hijabers Community book, Stylish with Simple Hijab by Fiminin book, and Ethnic Pashmina for Hijabista by Irna Mutiara and Ade Aprilia book),  and taking pictures (of course, LOL). The second session we wore turbans with some mixes of tie dye accents, Jujuy have it on her shawl, and mine on my shirt. And finally the third session we were inteded to wear the same scarf we bought together at Indonesia Hijab Festival 2012. The final result is so playful. And our looks reminded Jujuy about the Hijab Candy hashtag on instagram. We still like the colour mixtures though.

These colours on photoshoot feel miraculous to me because they show how colours can live this world up. The colours in this world are so beautiful and they also have spirits behind them. Like me and Jujuy, we have different colours inside ourselves. But the differences between us do not separate us to get along together. Sometimes when colours clash, it will create a new form of beauty, and that's how miraculous are the colours. 

Other photos can be seen here:

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