Photographic Shirt

Fashion Flashback
Dinner with mom and dad 
on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013
Fashion Formula:
Shirt from Mirota, Jogjakarta + Zara beaded cardigan + Marks & Spencer black trousers + Maysaa cream chiffon scarf snood + Calvin Klein clutch bag + Montego Bay Club wedges from Payless
As (perhaps) some of you may have noticed, I am a big fan of white tee shirt. Here's the evidence. It's so comfy and almost can be mixed up with most of the things. And yet, the simplicity is the most important. 

I also have a memorable history behind that CK clutch bag. It is the one which the last time I carried my Sony Ercisson's Xperia some years ago. It was stolen from that clutch bag because it has an 'easily-to-be-opened' style. Since I didn't wear it that much again after the accident, and I wore it again on that day... mom also said, "Oh, the bag that gave your xperia away."

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