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Minimal was launched in 2002. As an affiliation of Rumah Mode Factory Outlet in Bandung, Minimal's launching was based on the credo of focused vision of excellence. Minimal offers high quality and affordable casual and formal fashion apparel, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

The mission is to make every woman well dressed for their activities and to let them feel that they can be whatever they want to be with the clothes and accessories that they wear. Minimal provides a wide range of selection, from formal to casual, from woven to knits, and from solid to printed. Our chic collections of apparel and accessories are perfect for working in the office, socializing on weekends, and other activities in between.

The first Minimal store opened in 2005 at Istana Plaza, Bandung. Since then, Minimal has expanded to 35 retail and 2 outlet stores throughout Indonesia. More openings are planned in 2011.


Last time when I hung out with Nisa to PVJ, we would usually look up to some fashion stores and be excited about their stuffs there, although we were just imagining the outlook of the stuffs there the way we wanted. But that day, we weren't excited much with the collections up on topshop, zara, or bershka.  But then I was curious to look at the Minimal store which we don't usually go to, and it is newly opened at PVJ. I've known the Minimal brand since a long time ago because I also like to have a cloth-shopping at Rumah Mode which is one of the leading factory outlet in my town; Bandung. I still keep the black minimal trousers that I have since I was in middle/junior high school. Quite amazing right? It's a rare thing for me to be so loyal to a pair of trousers. Though the condition is not as good as the way it was once, it's still being as one of my favourite pair. The t-shirt from Minimal has also been my favourite. But recently, I rarely went shopping to Rumah Mode anymore. And after such a long gap, I saw many beautiful pieces at their store in PVJ. I didn't buy a thing though, but those wanted pieces  are still occupying my mind. And I just realized that their online store does exist too, thankfully. So, here are my picks:   

Scarf 1, Scarf 2

I've seen these these pants and they looked much better in real life. I wanted these because of its colour and print! And I thought they won't be that short in me. The bird prints excite me so much! The Loosefit Hummingbird Blouse is also a Jil Sander's alike. The Nightingale Blouse also look like the blouse I've worn here but I can't help myself for the bird-related stuff :D. 

On the 'sale' section, I'd pick these stuff:

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