Bali 2013 | Day 1

About on the last last two weeks, I had the chance to go on vacation to Bali with my family. It's the fourth time I visited the Dewata Island, and for the first time to be on Air Asia. 
It was on 6am in the morning the plane took off. The weather is not really good, but then after I have arrived Bali welcomed us all with its best sunny weather! The photos above are for my documentation while I was on the plane. For breakfast, I ordered Nasi Minyak Palembang à la Farah Quinn, the famous female chef from Indonesia. I think the food was really delicious, and I also got shocked when I see "Cha Time" on their menu! It's like my current favourite bubble drink, it's like when I found their store wherever I go, I would always order one. I like it to be hazelnut chocolate milk tea, no ice, normal sugar, with pearls and regular sized. I didn't order Cha Time though, because my favourite menu wasn't served there and it's not certified as halal! Astaghfirullāh, I didn't know about that before. I didn't know if it's only on the plane that they're not certified as halal drinks and the drinks at their stores on the 'land' are already certified halal. But I prefer not to buy it now until I saw there's a halal certification for what they serve. 

Okay let's go on to the journey I had on the first day. My aunt had booked the hotel already a few days before. We got the chance to stay at Harris Hotel. But as soon as we arrived there, the rooms weren't ready, and we could check in after 2 pm because they had to prepare the rooms first. Without having rest for a while and changing our clothes, we went directly to one of my most favourite place on earth which is Bali Bird Park! I knew this place when I joined a study tour with my high school friends 3 years ago. Here's my post about Bali Bird Park on Viva La Mode (I don't know if you can see the link). Ever since, I have been an adorer of birds existence. That's why now you can see a lot of this aves creature on my blog. Because of this craziness I have about birds, my mom also got the influence! Look how happy she is on the guyu-guyu corner:
My auntie and I ♥
I feel like keeping them forever.. red and green parrot, a scarlet macaw, and white cockatoo

Fashion Formula:
Minimal 'weirdness'-written tee shirt + Muji boyfriend jeans + Marks & Spencer ombre cardigan + Mango lucite sunglasses + Peach-coloured pashmina + Nine West nude flats + Socks

I could stay there longer at that place this time. Different when I was there 3 years ago. I could explore almost all of this place, though I didn't watch the 4D movie and didn't visit the reptile section. I was really happy to look around, which took time quite a time. My mom, auntie, and granny walked faster than me while I was enjoyed taking their pictures and reading their informations. All the pictures above are taken by me. I can't say how I was delighted to be there!

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