Merci, deux-mille-douze! xx

Alhamdulillāh, this is my first post in 2013. I personally think last year was better than 2011. Though it is 11th January 2013 already, on this post, I would like to share you the things that happened on the last day in 2012. In the closing day of 2012, I spent a fun day with Nisa. We went to Blitz Megaplex PVJ to watch Habibie & Ainun the movie. It was my first time, and second time for Nisa.  B.J. Habibie is  the third president of Indonesia. His love story with her wife; Almarhumah Ainun was written in a book by himself. It's one of the best selling book and when the story's brought up into movie, it is also one of the most of successful Indonesian movies has ever made. The romantic and everlasting true love story surely attracts people with various ages. I mostly saw people were sobbing after the movie ended, even myself! Nisa and I wished to get just one our own 'Habibie'. LOL. The inspiring part isn't just from the love aspect but also the integrity that Mr. Habibie has. His dedication to this land, the land of Indonesia was tremendously strong. And that is a very good example for the Indonesian youth to bring goods for this land, in shaa Allaah.
Habibie & Ainun, Laughters with bestie, and Pasta (on the upper picture is beef cannelloni, and the lower picture is spaghetti aglio olio)! what a lovely day it was ♥
Late lunch at Javana Bistro
The picture on the let t is the photo booth we had on 19th September 2012 which is the last time we met before 31st December 2012! It's a pretty a long time, isn't it? And photo booth on the right is the photo we had on the last day of 2012. The last photo (bottom right) is so LOL.    

My Outfit Fashion Formula: 
Zara green sweater + Fuchsia maxi skirt with two zippers detail from Kings Shopping Centre + Paris Hilton quilted bag + Vincci oxfords + Ayoka hijab 
Nisa's Outfit Fashion Formula
After that, I joined my friends from high school to celebrate new year's eve together at Lestaris's house in Rancaekek which is quite away from Bandung town. We met around our beloved high school. It was raining and we were shady under the Tenda Amor a.k.a Love Tent. what a name. LOL. I missed the siliness my friends have. Glad to be gathered with them again. But not everyone on the picture joined in.   
Loving the bokeh ♥ taken inside the care while on the way to Rancaekek.
Alhamdulillāh, we had a fun fun fun night! Watched some movies, ate lots of foods (yeah, really lots of it because Lestari's mom is such a top cook), made our own foods such as pan-fried noodle, chicken, beef, and lamb satay, and roasted corns. Prayed together, shared some stories, told jokes, played fireworks, played cards, and finally slept. I didn't take much pictures that time because I ran out of battery and I forgot to bring another battery stockpile. 

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