July 2011 Playlist

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From Coldplay's music video 'Strawberry Swing' which made my jaw dropped and at '-1:13' is  the start of my very favourite part of the whole song, to Tetty Kadi's renewed song for Soe Hok Gie soundtrack I've never heard before but I repeated it so many times since the first time it came to my ears. And then, Adele's phenomenal song, a 'L o n e l y' song by Frente, a more preferable 'Mau dibawa kemana' jazzy version by Marcell, a very enthusiastic 'Sepeda' song brought by the energetic RAN, and a Bird Song by Florence and the Machine.

  1. Coldplay –  Strawberry Swing
  2. Tetty Kadi – Dimana Dia (OST. Soe Hok Gie)
  3. Adele – Rolling in the Deep
  4. Frente – Lonely 
  5. Marcell –  Mau dibawa kemana
  6. Ran – Sepeda
  7. Florence + the Machine – Bird Song 

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