After finished having the previous shoot, I unintentionally took Dad's buttons up and remembered about the ever-inspiring Camille from Childhood Flames did the mens dress shirt worn as skirt on 2009. I wanted to do so ever since! So genius. Here's the hijabi way wearing mens dress shirt worn as skirt:
Fashion Formula:
Thrifted buttons up (my size, worn as top) + Dad's buttons up (worn as skirt) + Black maxi skirt + Smoothie necklace + Chiffon jilbab (worn like a vest) + Unknown red heels I found somewhere in the garage

I somehow feel that the outcome looks like the mixture of Prada Fall 2008 and Dries Van Noten Spring 2011. Even I know that I didn't have any classy-looking lacey touch.
p.s: please excuse the 'trying-to-be-fierce' stare on my last self-portrait (above). That's why I covered up the rest of them. I forgot to do the same to the last one...